How We Work

The Web Design & Development Process

So you’re thinking about a new website, but what exactly does this entail? And what are you as the client responsible for to ensure your awesome new website is delivered on time and on budget?

While we realise that every project is unique, we think the below demonstrates the typical web design and development process and what we both need to bring to the table.

First Steps

First Steps

We meet to discuss your objectives, target audience, design preferences and more. We really get to know you and your business so we can produce something that will perform for you and be a success.



Based on your requirements we provide an outline of our ideas and a cost estimate for you to approve (the project proposal). We'll work with you to ensure everything you need is included.

You provide feedback on our ideas and proposed costs. Be honest and don’t forget we can work to virtually any budget and can even split your project into affordable phases.

40% Down Payment



If your project is complex we may develop the project proposal into a full website specification for your approval. This will:

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detail every component

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include a structure diagram

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list everything you need to provide

You provide feedback on the specification, which will be revised until we are both happy. Your signature is required on the final version.

We don’t want to restrict you if your idea changes but extra costs may be incurred if you request anything outside of the original brief or change the project parameters after we have your final approval of the spec.



At this stage we assume that you have an established identity and can supply brand guidelines and high resolution copies of your logo. If not, we highly recommend our identity design service.

Using your brand guidelines, our graphic designer creates a design concept for your homepage – a realistic mock-up of how your website will look.

While the design stage is underway we recommend that you organise your content. Ballyhoo can provide an excellent copywriting service if required.

You provide feedback on the homepage concept, including:

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    Layout & structure

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    Content & images

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    Use of colour & fonts

The homepage concept is adjusted to your satisfaction. Note that we aim to match this design in every aspect when we come to build your website.

You confirm the homepage design and agree that requests for further changes after this point may incur additional cost.