Welcome to Ballyhoo HQ

Come and take a tour of our office.

Welcome to Ballyhoo HQ. We’re based in the Innovation Centre, which is part of Longbridge Technology Park. It’s a hub for like-minded, progressive businesses in South Birmingham.

We’ve been located here since 2013, and currently reside on the third floor where we’ve created an inviting, vibrant space where our team can work, collaborate and feel at home.


This is home. The Innovation Centre in Longbridge Technology Park, acquired by Pure Offices in 2022. We’re proud to be located in South Birmingham, on the site of the former MG Rover factory works where the iconic Mini first rolled off the line.

Our Identity

Our open plan office fosters a close-knit team. We’ve boldly stamped our branding on the space so everyone shares a sense of identity. Our MD, Anthony, isn’t hidden away, he’s got a prime seat in the middle of the main office with the rest of the team.

Meet With Us

Join us for a meeting to collaborate on your ‘next big thing’. We really want to get to know you, so let’s sit comfortably while we do it. We’ve recently added a fancy espresso machine too, just saying.

ballyhoo meeting room
sam and anthony meeting


When lying down on the job is a good thing. As a team, Ballyhoo uses this space to flesh out new concepts, develop ideas and work collaboratively. This is a space where we want the guys to feel at home and relax so they can do their best work.


We love a strategy meeting; chalk markers and post-it notes are always on our stationery order list. Might as well make use of these glass partitions.

writing on glass wall
sam at his standing desk


We’ve got our team’s back. No, really. With the option of standing desks and ergonomic chairs, we take comfort in the workplace seriously. Along with physical health initiatives, we encourage good mental hygeine and the importance of work-life balance.

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