Pinpoint opportunities to modernise and improve workflows.

From the outset, Ballyhoo has been positioned to provide the core services clients will need for a complete online strategy. Often this incorporates an element of business consultancy as we challenge our clients to think about things differently and approach the web as a powerful tool rather than just a “nice-to-have”.

A website is not just a necessity, it needs to be nurtured. A good website feeds into all areas of your business: marketing, operations, recruitment, sales.

We have the ability to examine a business’ operations with an impartial and practical eye, pinpointing opportunities to modernise and improve workflows and, in many cases, revolutionise the way you operate. We take a holistic approach, looking at all aspects of your business and covering all the bases to identify the best strategy.

Our Experience

We’ve been producing successful websites for over a decade, since Ballyhoo was founded in 2009. Today, we draw expertise from a core team with vast experience in web design and development, graphic design and digital marketing.

We can offer guidance and work with you to ensure that your website or application not only provides the perfect representation of your brand, but also provides a positive and fruitful return on investment.

Digital Consultancy

Technical digital consultancy services are offered by our Managing Director, Anthony Chaffey, who has been providing mentoring, coaching and business management consultancy services alongside running Ballyhoo since 2014.

Our Approach

We approach each business a little differently depending on a few factors and can always focus on immediate issues to provide “quick fixes” but the process typically looks like this:

  • We sit down with you and any other key stakeholders to get an understanding of what the business does, how it got to where it is now and where it would like to be in the near, mid and distant future.
  • We document and assess the technologies in place at the moment, how they’re utilised and any problems that brings about. This may include interviews with other members of the team to get a broader picture of day-to-day operations with the technologies in place.
  • We identify key opportunities to improve processes with technologies and discuss milestones or other methods to measure performance improvements over time.
  • We offer some accountability by scheduling to meet again at set points to check back on progress, offer more support or adapt the strategy if challenges have been addressed or priorities have changed. We won’t be angry if you’ve not implemented strategies we’ve recommended, we’ll just be disappointed!

Business Consultancy Case Studies

Debt Management Company for the Construction Industry

We’re supporting a major operator of debt management and credit referencing for the construction industry. They were heavily reliant on an internal, self-hosted system to manage their operations which was built many years ago and beginning to hold them back.

We are beginning to move their operations to the cloud while also, where possible, moving some staff to using stand-alone, purpose built systems like sales management tools, CRMs and project management software.

Angling Equipment Retailer

We worked with a very busy retailer of angling equipment that found themselves inundated with orders during the pandemic. At the same time they experienced issues with the platform their website was built on in combination with some custom third-party tools that had been built by a member of staff who subsequently left.

We were able to empower the managing director to begin using tools to document and delegate tasks which ultimately allowed them to step back and, with our guidance, evaluate alternative platforms and possible migration strategies.

Related Services

Project Management

Many companies have in-house developers or graphic designers that they want to take the lead on a project, which is fair enough. Sometimes, however, they don’t have the man-hours to deliver, or the scale and complexity of the task at hand requires them to source help from a third party.

Ballyhoo can provide project specifications, feedback and direction. We can work with your team to maximise their potential and ensure that the final product is exactly what your business needs to take it to the next level.

Website Auditing

As part of any new website consultancy project we take on board, we carry out an audit to assess your current online position.

We also offer this as a one-off service, giving you the opportunity to have your current websites and applications audited by our team of experienced professionals to see where efficiencies and improvements can be made. This information can then be used to help decipher and plan the next steps of your online journey, whether that’s with Ballyhoo, or someone else.

SEO and Digital Marketing

Ballyhoo can offer online marketing advice on a consultancy basis; from helping with keyword research, content strategy and conversion optimisation, to providing monthly rankings and traffic reports. This means that marketing departments without online experience or expertise can tap into our extensive knowledge and make the most of their online presence.

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“This is a new relationship for a key and core part of our client offering, and it’s great to have the backup of Ballyhoo who are now a valued and integral part of the team.”

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