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We're here to innovate & collaborate as your web development partner.

Web Development

We’re here to innovate, collaborate and stand by your side as your web development partner. Many of our projects have been custom-built to overcome unique dilemmas or provide tech-forward solutions for innovative projects. We’ve developed a reputation as problem-solvers and relish the opportunity to prove ourselves.

Digital Transformation

We’ve always seen ourselves as more than just a digital agency; we help businesses to transform. You too can achieve positive change through web technologies that streamline workflows and allow you to focus on what really matters. Past projects include helping a van-hire company to go paperless, and developing a purpose-built museum membership system for both external purchases and in-house POS.

Why Choose Ballyhoo?

From complex e-commerce systems, custom booking systems and database-driven dynamic models that generate content on the fly; we’ve done it all.

At Ballyhoo we use a wide range of languages and technologies, which are used interchangeably depending on the specification at hand. There’s no one-size fits all approach, we look to innovate wherever possible to increase capability and efficiency. Our small, agile team is able to rapidly pivot with new technology, ensuring that we are able to develop an end product that endures long-term.

Unique Solutions

We are often approached with unique requirements where there’s no out-of-the-box solution on the market that will provide a suitable outcome. Our valuable expertise allows us to devise solutions that circumvent perceived difficulties and engineer systems that produce a return on your investment.

We work side-by-side with our clients to help them to evolve with the technologies of the day, not just play catch-up.

Technologies & Systems

Typically, project interfaces are built using HMTL, CSS and React, while server-side technologies include Node and PHP. However, the completion of a successful website depends on so much more, from payment processing to reliable transactional email notifications. We have experience of many programming languages and third-party systems which can be integrated to provide enhanced functionality.

Front EndBack EndIntegrations
ReactService Worker APIGoogle Analytics
React NativeGitGoogle AdSense
Vue.jsJSONCampaign Monitor
ReduxWeb App ManifestMailChimp
Material UI

Plugins & Apps

In addition to fully-custom systems we can develop plugins to expand functionality on platforms such as WordPress. This negates the need to fully re-develop a website. We also offer WordPress website migration, helping you to move from your current platform over to WordPress.

With increasing frequency, we are building progressive web applications which look, feel and act like native iOS and Android apps. This means you can have a single codebase to maintain while benefiting from providing an installable native application that can access core features of smartphones (like GPS location, cameras, Bluetooth and WiFi controllers). We can recommend whether this is a suitable strategy for your project.

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“The perfect web team, professional, easy to work alongside. They have been running our website and booking system for some years now. The detail that has gone into the website and booking system (all custom made to our company) has changed the way operate for ever.”

Gary Joiner

Halesowen Self Drive

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