Environmental Statement

Key information about how Ballyhoo are committed to the environment

At Ballyhoo Ltd, we are committed to reducing the negative effects of our every day activities on the environment. We encourage all employees and clients to have an environmental conscience and make our practices their habit at work and at home.


We aim to reduce the amount of resources and energy we use as much as possible. In the vast majority of cases we use alternatives to paper, such as email and telephone, to communicate with our customers and suppliers. We never leave electrical appliances and lights on when not being used and also use public transport when possible to attend meetings and events.


We re-use any items that we can in a bid to cut down our use of resources. For example, surplus letters and envelopes will be used as scrap notepaper and where possible we will re-use paper for printing.


Anything that can be recycled will be. We operate a recycling scheme in the office whereby paper that has no further use is collected and plastic bottles and tins are separated and recycled. Items like printer cartridges and batteries are also disposed of to recycling plants and we only use FSC sourced paper and card for our business stationery and printing needs.

Our Promise

We promise to continue these activities in the daily management of our business and aim to adopt any new environmentally-friendly technologies and methods as they arise.

We hope that these steps ensure we are doing all that is conceivably possible to preserve natural resources and will contribute to making the Earth sustainable for future generations.

If you have any questions about any of the information on this page please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

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