Health & Safety

Key health and safety information

Ballyhoo Ltd holds the safety and well-being of its employees in the utmost regard. We aim to not only comply with health and safety regulations, as set out in the Health and Safety Act 1974, but exceed them.

Physical Health & Safety

As Managing Director, Anthony Chaffey is ultimately responsible for the health and safety of his employees. He will ensure that risk assessments of the workplace are regularly carried out, that all employees are aware of what is expected of them and that should any incident occur it will be dealt with in an appropriate and safe manner.

Each employee at Ballyhoo has a responsibility towards themselves and their co-workers to behave in a safe manner at all times, adhere to our health and safety promises and think of others before acting.

Every employee promises to:

  • Take due care and caution in their every day tasks and activities.
  • Never knowingly allow a hazard to occur or remain once identified.
  • Act sensibly at all times and use common sense.

Ballyhoo promises to:

  • Ensure our employees are educated and trained in health and safety practices.
  • Implement a fire safety and evacuation procedure, with regular drills and reviews.
  • Set an example to employees by upholding the promises set in this statement.

Mental Health

Mental health is they way we think and feel, and it affects our resilience when it comes to life’s ups and downs. It’s something that we all have, whether it’s in a healthy or poor state, and is something that can be nurtured – much in the same way that we think of keeping fit when it comes to our physical health.

Mental health is a priority for Ballyhoo, we promise to:

  • provide a work environment that supports mental wellbeing
  • provide information and raise awareness about mental health issues
  • provide opportunities for employees to look after their mental wellbeing
  • promote policies and practices that promote wellbeing
  • offer assistance, advice and support to employees who experience a mental health problem
  • support staff returning to work after a period of absence due to mental health problems
  • monitor the workplace to identify hazards and risks
  • promote good communication between the team
  • support employees who are known to have mental health problems
  • support employees who are experiencing stress outside of work
  • monitor workloads to ensure that people are not overloaded
  • monitor annual leave to ensure that staff are taking their full entitlement
  • ensure staff are provided with meaningful developmental opportunities

If you have any questions about any of the information on this page please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

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