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Launched July 2020

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Zoom API

YouTube Data API

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Please Note

CultureIQ has recently been acquired by Perceptyx and as a result the site we created is no longer operational. We’re still really proud of the work we produced though, so please read on to find out more about this project.


We built a beautiful and powerful website for a leading business culture management company with clear and measurable calls to action.

Who are CultureIQ?

CultureIQ targets the transformation of company culture as a driver for business growth via a propietary methodology and software platform. By working with their expert team (which includes psychologists, data scientists, authors, PhDs and MBAs), organisations gain true insight into their internal machinations.

CultureIQ’s surveys, actionable insights, reporting tools and research-backed solutions give employees a voice, and employers the tools to listen.

Based in Illinois, US, they primarily target the North American market.

Project Overview

CultureIQ was undergoing a major rebrand and restructuring of the framework and platform they offer to huge brands such as American Express and Air Canada.

Naturally, a major component of the rebrand required an overhaul of their existing website, which we had inherited and supported for some time. We worked in partnership with a graphic designer deeply involved in the rebrand to build a beautiful new website communicating their new offering.

Project Goals

  • The site must include clear calls-to-action which drive valuable user data into powerful customer management tools
  • The site needed to to provide a wealth of information for clients and potential clients alike
  • The site needed to be easy to maintain and easy for internal copywriters to manage content growth
  • The site needed to rank well in search engines

Our Proposal


We had been working with CultureIQ for some time since their previous developer had let them down and they needed someone to support them with their existing website. That site was built on WordPress and we felt that was still the best platform for them going forward so we proposed building an entirely new WordPress theme from scratch.

  • All of the existing content that needed to remain accessible was already in place for the new site.
  • We reduced the risk of any major upheaval with search engines throwing their toys out of the pram once they identify the site has changed.


CultureIQ were working with a graphic designer to manage their rebrand, someone with whom we already had an existing relationship, so we got involved as the designs were coming together to begin the technical exercise of planning the website. We worked alongside the designer to ensure everything within the designs were technically feasible and that any style vs. usability considerations were taken into account. We also worked to ensure the vast amount of content was well structured and organised to be palatable for existing and potential clients; the site needed to be a valuable resource of information which greatly improves search engine rankings.

“Would recommend Ballyhoo anyday! Ballyhoo has been an incredible partner through our organizational rebrand and beyond.

“They were able to execute an entire site development under extremely tight deadlines all while keeping our best interests in mind.

“Since partnering with Ballyhoo our site speed has increased significantly and we continue to work with them to increase our SEO rankings. Professional, experienced, not to mention down to earth and overall a pleasure to work with. Ballyhoo does not disappoint!”

Shannon O’Boyle – Marketing Strategist

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The Technical Details

Web Development

As mentioned, we’d identified that WordPress was still a suitable platform to power this website, however, beyond just implementing the new designs there was a lot to be done to improve on what we inherited here. Although we are fans of WordPress and the surrounding community, we always try and limit the number of plugins we use. Every plugin needs to be kept up-to-date and can leave you at the mercy of a third party. We’re very experienced at building our own plugins and themes to extend WordPress functionality so wherever feasible we’ll build our own tools to facilitate things.

The previous site was also slow to load which had a drastic impact on how Google perceived the site. We used a number of techniques to optimise the site and leverage caching and compression to serve the website efficiently.

Before commencing development we also identified that, understandably because of the big corporations CultureIQ often works with, they got more traffic from out-dated browsers than the average client we work with. Big corporations are often much slower to adopt new technologies as the cost of doing so is often thought to outweigh the benefits. However, we don’t want that to hold us back from using the latest technologies to provide an enjoyable and interactive experience for users so we used techniques we’ve developed over several years to provide a suitable, if slightly scaled back, experience for users of older versions of Internet Explorer.

Salesforce Pardot Form Integration

In other areas of the business, Culture IQ used Pardot, a marketing automation tool from the Salesforce, to manage and maintain their client relationships and leads. We therefore planned to build all contact forms, demo request forms and newsletter subscription forms with Pardot’s form building tools but allowing them to pull styling from the website itself. This means any leads or enquiries get fed straight into Pardot where Culture IQ staff can see any previous interactions they’ve had with that individual and follow up appropriately to generate new business opportunities.

YouTube Integration

As part of their strategy for providing valuable content, Culture IQ provide regular webinars to discuss hot topics from how to build culture with remote teams (pretty pertinent during a global pandemic!) to discussing common myths surrounding company culture. Each webinar gets uploaded to YouTube once it’s finished since YouTube is considered a search engine in and of itself. We took this a step further and used the YouTube API to automatically fetch all webinar videos posted to their channel and brought the titles, posted dates and thumbnails into the website providing a single source of information.

Zoom Integration

Speaking of webinars, we also used a combination of tools to allow users to sign up to attend upcoming webinars through the website itself. Completing the form to attend a webinar still pumps user data through Pardot so Culture IQ capture valuable information but also automatically creates an attendee record using Zoom’s API.

Search Engine Optimisation

Culture IQ have their own in-house copywriters and content generators, however, they are missing the expertise of how to translate that into raw search engine rankings. They were therefore prime candidates for our SEO consultancy package.

This service allows us to research and then direct their efforts where they’ll get the best results; focusing on the more lucrative key words and phrases that gain sufficient search volumes to generate traffic and ultimately enquiries. We monitor the performance of the website closely and provide detailed monthly reports highlighting the most valuable information we’ve garnered alongside practical advice on how to take things a step further.

Not to mention we provide some accountability, if you don’t follow our guidance to improve search engine rankings you’ll have to answer to our Digital Marketing Manager.

“Responsive, proactive team that tames deadline beasts.”

Kathy Jones


Further Development

CultureIQ are a dream to work with. They’re constantly evolving and learning to improve their offering and as such we have open and direct lines of communication which allows us to quickly make changes to the site.

At the time of writing we’ve already conducted three smaller phases of development to tweak the way we’re presenting some information and to add additional landing pages.

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