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Creating a brochure website for established accountants to allow them to build brand visibility.


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Launched May 2020

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We created a brochure website for established accountants James & Uzzell, to allow them to build brand visibility and showcase being leaders within the industry.

Project Overview

As James & Uzzell are market leaders with over 40 years of experience in the industry, they needed a sophisticated and professional website to reflect their knowledge and experience. We built a WordPress website which does just that, showcasing their expertise with a detailed blog and attractive calls to action.

Who are James & Uzzell?

James & Uzzell are specialist accounts based in Swansea, Wales, and specialise in accountancy, audits and consultancy. They have been providing practical commercial advice to their clients for over 40 years, and pride themselves on building strong relationships and providing full-service support. 

James & Uzzell came to us wanting a new website that would help their business to build brand visibility and showcase their outstanding services.

Project Brief

James & Uzzell needed a new website, as their original website, built many moons ago, was outdated. Therefore, the brief of the new website included:

  • Sleek website using pre-existing branding;
  • Mobile and device friendly and responsive.

Our Proposal

We proposed the following:

  • Website build on WordPress – a global CMS;
  • Functionality to allow admins to add articles and blogs to the website – something of great importance to show James & Uzzell as industry leaders;
  • Fully responsive design.
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The Technical Details

Web Development

We created the James & Uzzell website on the CMS platform WordPress. This platform not only allowed us to make an attractive, engaging website, but the ease of use meant that admins find it easy to add new information to the website – something of great importance for an accountancy firm that must keep their clients compliant with the latest laws and regulations.

Service Pages

We opted for individual pages for each service that James & Uzzell offer – allowing clients to find the information that they need quickly and easily. These pages contain a sidebar of the latest news along with a quick contact form, allowing users to contact the firm easily without needing to navigate away from their current page.


It was important for the website to include a blog feature, to allow admins to add the latest industry news for existing and prospective clients to view. This helps to position James & Uzzell as industry leaders, showing their expertise which helps to increase conversions.

Contact Form

Contact forms are present throughout the website, to encourage users to take action and make an enquiry. These are present on main pages such as the home page and every service page. We added Google’s reCAPTCHA to these forms, to automatically check that users submitting forms are humans and reduce spam submissions.


To help James & Uzzell build their client base and help them communicate with their existing clients, we designed and built an email newsletter template for use with Campaign Monitor. This third party integration allowed us to add newsletter sign up forms throughout the website, allowing users to easily and quickly sign up for news and updates. The sign-up form integrates seamlessly with the website, having consistent branding with the website allowing it to be added on any relevant page.

We work with James & Uzzell to create monthly newsletters which include industry news, company news and updates that are relevant to business accountancy that allow clients to stay compliant.

Online Marketing

Following the launch of the website, we created an online marketing strategy that allows James & Uzzell to make the most of their website, and to leverage it to gain conversions. Our online marketing strategy includes Google Ads, blog content creation and organic social media posting.

These strategies go hand in hand with one another – we can use our keyword research from Google Ads to implement popular and lucrative key phrases within the blog content, allowing the website to be found easily by clients and search engines alike. Together, these strategies help to boost brand visibility and allow the company to find their target audience.

Since 2019, we’ve achieved a 80% increase in page views for James & Uzzell, meaning that the new website and monthly blog content is bringing more users to the site, finding the brand.

Based on website page views for time periods Jan-June 2019 vs 2023.

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