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We created a responsive brochure website for J.R. Building and Maintenance, with strong CTA’s and contact forms to help the company to build an online presence and increase conversions.

Project Overview

J.R. Building and Maintenance did not previously have a website, meaning they were struggling with online presence. Therefore, we created a website that would allow the business to reach new customers, who could then easily contact them for a quote.

We created a mobile responsive and modern website, featuring accessible contact forms that allow customers to specify their budget and submit their requirements. The site also includes multiple trust factors, to increase website conversions.

Who are J.R. Building & Maintenance?

J.R. Building and Maintenance Services are a highly reputable team that offer building and maintenance services for both commercial and domestic clients. With over 30 years of industry experience, they work with customers across the Midlands with services including plastering, carpentry, plumbing, electrical and tiling.

Project Brief

J.R. Building and Maintenance had been operating without a website, meaning they had little to no online visibility. This meant that they needed a website that:

  • Allowed them to stay active online;
  • Allowed them to stay competitive;
  • Allowed them to reach new customers;
  • Allowed potential customers to easily contact them, rather than previously having to phone or email.

Our Proposal

Based on this, we liaised with the client and identified the following deliverables:

  • Create a modern, clean brochure website that allows J.R. Building and Maintenance to reach their target audience;
  • Incorporate strong CTA’s and an easy to use contact form, that appears visually on mobile;
  • Showcase reviews and real life project images to build trust with visitors.


The company produced a logo for us to work with, which then allowed us to use the correct colours for the website to allow the company to stay consistent and identify its unique brand.

Web Design & Development

We built the website on WordPress – creating a completely custom template to J.R. Building and Maintenance’s requirements. The website was initially developed in a temporary online environment, allowing us to ensure the site was perfect before launch. This also allowed us to work with J.R. Building and Maintenance to add customer photos and reviews, and tweak the content before publishing.

The website is responsive to all devices – as we anticipated that a large amount of visitors would be using mobile.


Google Analytics

We also integrated with Google Analytics to allow us to track key data such as the amount of visitors using the contact forms.

We can also track which pages are the most clicked on, to establish which services are most popular for future marketing activities.

What’s more, we are also tracking clicks on the email address and phone number shown on the website, which will allow us to measure the effectiveness of any marketing that we carry out.

Email Marketing

To further help the brand to build its online presence, we included a newsletter signup form on the website – appearing above the footer on all pages. This allows website users to sign up to receive marketing information from the brand, further building the customer base and relationship.

“I highly recommend Ballyhoo. They are a professional team with good patience, as I took a lot longer with my website then I thought due to me not making my mind up. They stayed patient all the way through and were very supportive.”

Jamaal Raja

J.R. Building & Maintenance

Key Feature Summary


One of the main requirements of the website was a good contact form, to allow website visitors to submit their requirements easily and quickly. Within the contact form that was created, we included a ‘budget’ field – allowing customers to specify their budget from the dropdown menu. This also allowed J.R. Building and Maintenance to prioritise contact form submissions, depending on the project slots that they had available.

What’s more, the contact form was created to appear on mobile devices to fit the whole screen – meaning that website visitors would be able to fill in all fields and submit the form without the need for scrolling. This creates a positive user experience and also makes the website easier to use.


In addition to showcasing reviews, we also incorporated the company’s approval and accreditation logos – including the well known and household name Checkatrade logo. This allows website users to quickly identify the brand as trustworthy and qualified.


To further build trust, we wanted to showcase a variety of real-life project images that have been completed in customers homes.


To help build trust with potential customers, J.R. Building and Maintenance provided us with some authentic customer reviews that are displayed across the website and on the home page. This allows the business to build upon its already excellent reputation, and to build trust with website visitors to increase conversion rates.

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Support & Maintenance

We provide ongoing support to ensure that WordPress and it’s plugins are kept continuously up-to-date, to ensure they aren’t vulnerable to any security issues, and to ensure website browsing is quick and seamless.

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