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Launched 2018

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Nottinghamshire Police Federation have now merged with the National Federation website.


We created a new, modern and fresh website for Nottinghamshire Police Federation, that included safe and secure user registration.

Project Overview

Nottinghamshire Police Federation needed a new website that was up-to-date with the latest trends, to work well for users using mobile devices.

We created a fresh website, with functionality for users to register an account – in order to use the helpful resources provided by the Police Federation, as well as being able to see exclusive member offers.

Who are Nottinghamshire Police Federation?

Like Staffordshire Police Federation, Nottinghamshire Police Federation provide representation and resources for the Officers and Staff within their local constabulary. They provide everything from legal advice to reduced price attraction tickets.

Nottinghamshire Police Federation came to Ballyhoo on recommendation from colleagues at another Police Federation we already work with. With industry advancements in design, functionality and technologies, Nottinghamshire Police Federation decided that it was time to have a website that is current and wanted Ballyhoo to help bring them in line with recent trends.

“Brilliant service and assistance in the complicated re-build of a commercial website. Ongoing care and attention has never wavered. All round good eggs!! Thank you all.”

Lisa Davies

Nottinghamshire Police Federation


One of the biggest advantages to developing this website from scratch was that it allowed us to create a fully-functional, responsive design. With more and more people using their mobile devices to browse the Internet this is now a vital element of any website and ensures that it can be viewed as intended across any device.

A blue palette was chosen for the design to maintain the website’s affiliation with the Police Federation of England and Wales and striking images of the local area were used to provide immediate visual interest. Contrasting yellow was chosen as an accent colour to highlight important interactions (e.g. buttons) and key information.


The Nottinghamshire Police Federation website was built using the WordPress content management system. This system has a number of features that make it the best choice for a project such as this, including the ability to restrict access to certain content to registered members only, which was an important requirement for Nottinghamshire Police Federation. As a CMS, WordPress also gives us the flexibility to manage high volumes of content and, sometimes daily, new pages.

The new website was set up in a temporary environment on the latest version of WordPress before development took place and was only published to the live domain once it had been fully tested on multiple browsers and devices and, of course, approved by the client.

Support & Maintenenance

Once the website was launched a Support and Maintenance agreement was set in place to allow Ballyhoo to help Nottinghamshire Polfed keep the website up to date and a useful resource for their visitors. This includes adding and updating pages, changing graphics and supporting users.

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Key Features

User Registration

Given that is host to a lot of sensitive information and exclusive offers only available to its members, user registration has been included to restrict access to non-members.

Sponsor Banners

Nottinghamshire Police Federation offer advertising space to their service providers. Therefore an area to add banners, with a link to the provider’s website, was built in to the homepage and internal pages of the website.


A large volume of content has already been added to Nottinghamshire’s website (with more to come) so an intuitive search function is essential to allow content to be easily and quickly accessible.


Searchable FAQs have also been implemented, while the standard FAQ list is an easily browsable accordian of information which clearly presents the information available to users.

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