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Project Completed 10th May 2022

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Please Note

This project was completed but unfortunately did not launch due to a change in client focus. We’re still really proud of the work we produced, so please read on to find out more about this project.


We created a recruitment tool for Snoworker, that allows individuals and businesses to connect and recruit to fill the ski Industry job gap caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project Overview

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many resorts are experiencing staff shortages, with a number of valuable and experienced people in a position where they’re looking for work, and resorts recruiting quickly to fulfill demand. 

The Snoworker website assists with this movement by being a recruitment tool that builds community, allowing those in the ski Industry to connect together.

Who are Snoworker?

Snoworker connect businesses with talented individuals and vice versa in the ski industry. Their website gives people the opportunity to advertise skills, services and talents, and allows businesses to advertise job vacancies.

In addition to this, Snoworker are aiming to be industry leaders and are providing a hub of helpful information and resources to those in the ski industry.

Our Proposal

Snoworker wanted to develop a website with the ultimate aim of being the first thing people in the ski industry check in the morning. The website provides the following key features:

  • The ability for businesses in the industry to list vacancies and positions to be filled.
  • The ability for workers to search, find positions and apply for jobs online.
  • Simple recruitment tools for businesses to manage applicants before pulling down applications to manage offline.
  • The ability for industry service providers to list and promote their services.


It was essential that the website was built on a strong brand to stand out and be memorable to those in the ski industry. 

Taking the existing Snoworker logo concept, we expanded on this to create tangible brand guidelines to document a brand identity. This included a colour palette and font options to be used in all aspects of the website and business.


The website uses powerful imagery of skiing and snowboarding to instantly identify the intention behind the site and the passion for the industry, making it impactful and attractive to use.

What’s more, the brand colours are used throughout the site to promote consistency.

The Technical Details

Web Development

Although the website is accessible to the general public, a secure login facility has been created to allow users to access their account. This allows both candidates and businesses alike to browse, list and apply for jobs or services.

Job Search Functionality

A key aspect of the website is the job listing feature – a search tool allowing users to browse and apply for jobs that they are interested in. Within this bespoke functionality, users are able to search by location, company type or sector, and job title. This allows users to find jobs that match their requirements easily and quickly.

The website functionality also allows users to browse available services provided by freelance snowsport professionals.


The focus of this website is to portray Snoworker as a pioneer in the industry, therefore a blog was a non-negotiable aspect of the website that needed to be included in the development of the site. The blog is designed to be a source of natural content to help with SEO, providing relevant content that is of genuine interest to workers and users.

  • #HTML5
  • #CSS3
  • #WordPress
  • #JavaScript

For Businesses

Job Listings

Once an account has been created, businesses can post any number of job listings. The website allows them to add numerous details, including position, title and description, location, salary, qualifications, experience and the type of work (full time, seasonal full time, part time, or seasonal).

When viewing the listings they have created, business users have the option to edit the listing, manage applications, remove the listing or simply pause it.

Handling Applications

The account view also allows business users to manage applications against a job listing, viewing a list of users that have both applied for the job or registered interest. They can also then mark applicants and add them to a “shortlist” for their future reference.

Users can then download all applicants, or just those on the “shortlist”, triggering an email with a CSV file of the applicant information, along with a ZIP file containing all the attached documents (CVs and cover letters) clearly organised.

  • #PHP
  • #MySQL
  • #Twig
  • #Doctrine

For Service Providers

As the website caters for all professionals in the ski industry, we have created a section of the website dedicated to industry specific service providers, such as business/management consultants or ski instructors. Here, providers can post the services that they provide, whether as an individual or a business. Information that they fill out here includes name, sector, email address and a service description.

For Candidates

All users are able to navigate the website and search job listings, and they are encouraged to sign up to join the community. Once signed in, users can update their personal information and profile which will streamline the process when applying for jobs.

Registering Interest

For some specific roles, there will be a very limited pool of candidates with the required skill set so a more informal recruitment process may be more applicable. Therefore, we have created a function that allows users to register their interest in a role, running through a series of checkboxes before sending off their information. The business managing this listing is notified that a candidate has registered their interest and will be able to view their basic details and contact information to follow up with the candidate.

Applying for a Role

A user can officially apply for a role after completing their job search. Upon applying, users view a simple interface that allows them to fill out their details, including allowing them to add their CV, resume and a cover letter.

Once applied, businesses are notified and will be able to view the applicant’s details.

All contacts associated with the business listing the job will be notified that a new application has been received and they will be invited to login to view details.

Further Development

We had a few feature concepts including community forums for those in the industry to communicate, weather feeds and reports to showcase Snoworker as a primary source of information, and multilingual options allowing a variety of users to access and use the website.

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