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Creating a strong brand and website with job search functionality.


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Launched March 2015

Key Features

Custom Job Search Module

Swipeable Testimonials

CV Upload

Brand Identity and Guidelines

Optimised for Mobile Devices

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Email and Cloud Business Tools

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We created a strong brand identity and website for Wright Solutions, with job search functionality and CV upload tools.

Project Overview

Previously owning an outdated website, Wright Solutions Ltd needed a brand refresh and new website to convey their brand values as market leaders in training and recruitment.

We created an easy-to-use and responsive website that allows users to upload their CV and search and apply for jobs within their field.

Who are Wright Solutions Ltd?

Wright Solutions Ltd established in 1998 and are specialists in training and recruitment for executive, HR and learning & development roles in medium to large businesses.

Originally approaching Ballyhoo with the intention of promoting their current website, looking at Ballyhoo’s previous work prompted them to re-evaluate what they currently had and they subsequently chose to get a complete company rebrand and new corporate website.


Brand Identity

Ballyhoo felt that the existing Wright Solutions branding looked somewhat old fashioned and stuffy and didn’t really convey the brand values that they wanted to get across. The new identity aimed to reflect the character of the directors more, so it needed to be simple and fun yet mature with a professional energy. However, we wanted to keep a similar logo style and colour scheme so that it would still be recognisable to previous clients, therefore we decided to keep some of the more recognisable elements from the original brand.

Working closely with the client, we produced several designs and went through multiple iterations until we had created a clean and solid brand, which the client was very happy with. Wright Solutions were also presented with brand guidelines detailing their finished logo, chosen colours and typography.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines contain detailed examples on how the logo should be displayed and positioned in various situations as well as having information on colour codes, straplines and typography. The client can refer to this guide or present it to graphic designers to ensure their brand is consistent across all media.

The final logomark produced for Wright Solutions was made up of two “ticks” together to form a W (a motif from the original logo), thus maintaining the logo’s association with the company, but simplified as much as possible so that it was strong enough to work as a standalone symbol for the business. We chose a strong san-serif font that is modern and simple, yet still sophisticated and trustworthy.

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After the rebranding exercise we designed a corporate website which was clean and modern in style, with elements which react well responsively so the site works perfectly on any device regardless of screen size.

All call to action buttons were placed prominantly on the page to encourage user interaction and conversion. A good example of this is when applying for a job, the “Apply for this job” button is placed at the top of the page next to the job title. This simple but effective design helps increase the click through rate without being intrusive.

The Technical Details

Web Development

Wrightsolutionsltd.com was built using Ballyhoo’s own content management system, Ballyhoo Refresh. Ballyhoo Refresh provides simple content management features which allow anyone with basic word processing skills to easily add and edit content. This makes it the perfect choice for a website which is constantly being updated.

A custom plugin was needed to allow for the job search function, which we developed to work with Ballyhoo Refresh. This module included a search bar, job type selector and salary range slide bar. Wright Solutions can add an unlimited number of job listings to the site which users can then filter through using the aforementioned features.

After the web development had been completed the website underwent extensive testing using our own in-house device lab which meant we could see the finished product on a range of devices and screen resolutions to ensure that the website was fully operational before launching it to the public.

Online Marketing

To ensure Wright Solutions are well recognised online we implemented a rounded marketing strategy that includes a variety of aspects such as search engine optimisation, email marketing and cost-per-click campaigns.

The website was also built on our very own content management system, Ballyhoo Refresh, meaning it is not only easier for the client to manage but we also have all of the tools needed to efficiently add content to the website, as optimised and natural as possible, when needed.

Key Features

Swipeable Testimonials

Testimonials on the home page automatically scroll but can be navigated by swiping on a touchscreen device or dragging using a mouse.

CV Upload

An easy to use form which allows an applicant to upload their CV for consideration.

Custom Job Search Module

Allows users to search for job vacancies and use filters to refine their results before quickly and easily applying for the role online. Those looking to recruit can also easily submit details of the role they wish to fill.

Since launching the website, we’ve achieved 25,000 page views for Wright Solutions, meaning that users are finding and browsing the website.

Based on website page views for 2015.

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