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Launched September 2016

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We worked with Yoga House to create a modern website that allows users to view class schedules, bulk-buy credits and book classes online. In the face of the pandemic, we helped them pivot their website and business model to accommodate virtual yoga sessions.

Project Overview

Yoga House did not previously have a website – meaning that they were unable to reach their target audience. We created a new, fresh website for them that not only shows upcoming classes, but allows users to book spaces in their studio based in Llanelli, South Wales.

In the back-end, we implemented a custom credit system to allow users to book and pay for classes in bulk (at a discount too!), along with a PayPal integration, to make the customer journey as easy and straight-forward as possible.

Who are Yoga House?

Yoga House is an independent yoga studio located in Llanelli, South Wales. They are dedicated to providing high quality yoga classes to the local community.

Yoga House approached Ballyhoo to design and build a website that would allow customers to check their schedule and learn more about the various classes and yoga styles Yoga House has to offer, whilst also allowing customers to book online.


In order to encourage users to commit to attending classes regularly, we implemented a custom developed credit system which allows users, at a discounted rate, to buy credits they can use later to book onto any course they want.

As well as this, we’ve included a customer account area to give users the opportunity to view their purchase history, as well as seeing which classes they have previously attended and will attend in the future.

When implementing a payment system, we decided on Paypal, a name that customers recognise and trust. Paypal is beneficial as it allows customers to pay for their credits or classes online without the need to access their card and fill out all their details – all they need to do is log into their account and click confirm.

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The client already had a designer friend develop their logo, which we were able to accommodate and use our experience to create some fun and vibrant branding, incorporating complementary colours and appropriate fonts. We documented this to provide the client with a tangible brand guidelines document, a formal record of the identity of the company to distinguish a unique brand image and ensure the website, logo, colour schemes and fonts were all consistent.

The final result is attractive, bright and colourful, both our client and their customers were delighted with the outcome.

Google Analytics

In addition to design, development and branding, we integrated the website into Google Analytics so we can track key features such as users signing up to classes using credits and which classes are most popular.

We are able to monitor the revenue generated through the website, allowing us to establish where users came from before placing their order and, therefore, enabling us to learn which marketing campaigns are working and which aren’t.

Key Features


We built an interactive calendar to give users access to their upcoming classes and those they have previously signed up to attended, whilst working well on both desktop and mobile devices.


A credit system was integrated to allow users to book onto a number of different classes once they had purchased a bundle of credits at a discounted rate. This is a great way of encouraging users to regularly attend classes.


We integrated Paypal as the payment system as it is very beneficial for allowing customers to pay for their credits and classes online without the need to access their card and fill out all their details, saving time and hassle.


A booking system was developed to allow users to book onto classes online easily, even when using a mobile device.


We implemented class information pages to explain each class style available in the studio with quick, accessible links to book onto upcoming classes in that specific style. We wanted to educate users on the different styles of yoga available since the studio offers a range of classes for beginners and experienced yogis.


Google Analytics was integrated in order for us to track key features such as class popularity, classes purchased using credits and distinguish which marketing efforts are working successfully and which aren’t.

Online Classes

In 2020, at the onset of the pandemic, it soon became clear that in-person classes weren’t going to be possible. With our help, Yoga House were able to quickly pivot to a virtual class model to enable their community to stay fit and connected, and crucially, enable the studio to stay afloat until in-person classes were permitted.

We implemented a change to the booking system which gave customers the option to use their credits towards video classes and join in with live-streamed classes helmed by Yoga House instructors.

We were delighted to be able to accommodate this addition to the website and use the technology available to facilitate classes and keep Yoga House, and their customer base, going.

“A speedy response, with solution offered after encountering an issue. Thank you!”

Natasha Clark

Yoga House

We saw a 54.7% increase in website sessions since launching the Yoga House website.

Based on website page views for time periods 2017 vs 2023.

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