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We’re taking you on a journey through the alphabet – and this week’s instalment includes the long awaited definition of Ballyhoo, and also touches on some of our loyal clients. Read on to find out more. 


Back-End refers to the part of the website that you don’t see. This is sometimes called the Server Side, and is responsible for storing and organising data, and communicating with the Front-End of the website to display a website page. 


One question we get asked all the time is, “Why are you called Ballyhoo?”. Ballyhoo means to praise or publicise extravagantly – or, in other words, make a big fuss. We believe that websites and online marketing go hand-in-hand, but there are myriad other factors that affect how successful your website can be. Increasing the visibility and performance of your website is always at the heart of what we do, whether we are implementing new hosting infrastructure to increase capacity and speed or adopting new programming languages and technologies.


The basket page on a website allows users the opportunity to accumulate a list of items to purchase, review these, modify its contents, access the total price, and choose delivery options. Shopping basket software is an integral part of an e-commerce website. 

Bedfordshire Police Federation 

We’ve been working with Bedfordshire Police Federation for many years, having redesigned their website in 2015, and continue to support them on adding articles, offers and announcements to their website. 

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Belmar Technologies

Belmar Technologies provide process equipment for industrial wastewater treatment systems to meet commercial, operational and environmental requirements. We have worked with Belmar to maintain and support their website following a project in 2015 to create a new, fresh website for them.

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A ‘bespoke’ website refers to a tailor made website that is completely bespoke to you as a business. A bespoke website is designed and built for a specific set of users, or purpose, and allows website developers to build a unique experience for customers. 


Computer data is represented using Binary – a number expressed system using 0s and 1s. Each digit is referred to as a ‘bit’ or ‘binary digit’. Computers use this Binary to store data. 


Microsoft Bing is a search engine, owned and operated by Microsoft and launched in 2009. Bing provides services such as Search, Windows Live Search, and Live Search. 


The home of Ballyhoo – we are located in Longbridge, Birmingham UK. The city is close to our hearts – and you can often find us spending our spare time visiting the ThinkTank, Birmingham Museum, or shopping at the Bullring. 


In website design, a ‘Block’ is a pre-designed building block that allows you to create and design a website. It breaks the design into smaller parts, with blocks being built independently which then combine to create a customisable page. Blocks usually consist of a container with text and an image, and adapt to fit the style and design of your website. 


A blog is a regularly updated webpage that maintains an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog can be hosted on your website and includes ‘blog posts’ – the individual information articles. 


Birmingham Museums Trust is a charitable trust of museums that are responsible for nine sites across the city, including Thinktank science museum, Museum of the Jewellery Quarter and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, known locally as BMAG. In 2019, we created a cutting edge membership system for Birmingham Museums Trust, making it easy for new members to sign up and benefit from their many fantastic locations, including Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery (BMAG).

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Brambly Hill

Brambly Hill is a nursery based in Llanelli, South Wales, that offers care services for children aged 8 and below. We have been working with Brambly Hill for over 10 years, from building a childcare voucher management system, and also creating a new, separate brand for this “new and improved” nursery and to develop a modern website which would help promote it. 

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Branding refers to a name, term, slogan, design, symbol/logo, theme or other feature that identifies an organisation’s goods or services as distinct from competitors. It gives added meaning to a specific company, or group of products or services, helping to build a strong and positive image. Branding gives your organisation identity and makes it memorable to consumers, and also supports your marketing activities. Good branding requires extensive research, development and application, so that users can associate your brand with your products and services. 


A breakpoint is present in responsive web design, and refers to the point at which a website’s content and design adapts to your screen resolution to provide the best possible user experience. Websites and content have to change depending on the device they are viewed on – for example a mobile screen is much smaller than a desktop screen.  We set breakpoints as a range of screen sizes that have specific layout requirements to allow the website to adjust to suit the screen size, viewpoint or orientation. 

Brecknell Dillon

Based in Smethwick, Birmingham, Brecknell Dillon manufactures specialist weighing equipment. We worked with Brecknell Dillon to create an online ordering system that streamlined and made the ordering process more efficient for suppliers. We are hoping to work with them on an exciting project in the near future. 


A website browser is software used on your computer or mobile device that accesses the World Wide Web and is used to view web pages. Each web browser comes in different versions, and the most popular browsers include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. 


BrowserStack is a cloud web and mobile testing platform, providing developers with access to a cloud platform that gives them the ability to test their websites and mobile apps on browsers, operating systems and mobile devices. We pass your website through BrowserStack prior to launch to ensure your site is accessible to a broad range of users.

Building Services Controls

Building Services Controls provide control solutions to the commercial industry for both new construction and specific projects. We worked with BSC to create a fresh, modern website to complement the state-of-the-art services they have to offer, taking advantage of our proprietary CMS – Ballyhoo Refresh. 

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Rebecca helps to keep the team organised and supports all of our clients with day to day activities and content. She also runs all of Ballyhoo's internal marketing.