Ballyhoo Attends Canvas Conference 2022

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On Thursday 3rd November, Alison and Rebecca attended Canvas Conference 2022, held in Birmingham.

Canvas Conference 2022

Held at Cineworld Birmingham, the conference brought together speakers from various industries to inspire and inform creatives from all over the nation. We saw speakers from Meta, Whatsapp, Bumble and many more.

One of our favourite talks was from Nick Holzherr from Whisk, speaking about their influential integration with TikTok, and how they’re scaling the experience across Samsung applications to build the world’s largest digital cooking community.

It’s a great day to connect and network with others in the industry, to bounce ideas off one another and forge business relationships that will be nurtured for years to come.

Forward Thinking Agency

At Ballyhoo, we are proud to be innovators and creatives, and to stay at the top of our game we continually educate ourselves on new technologies, best practices and software. We strive to be the best we can be, helping our clients’ businesses to succeed.

Headshot of Rebecca young new team member


Rebecca helps to keep the team organised and supports all of our clients with day to day activities and content. She also runs all of Ballyhoo's internal marketing.