Ballyhoo Celebrates 10 Years at the Innovation Centre

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March marks 10 years since Ballyhoo moved to the Innovation Centre – and we can’t believe how quickly it’s gone! Here’s a look at where it all started, and how it’s going now.

The Beginning…

Way back in 2009, when Ballyhoo was first founded by Anthony Chaffey, HQ was in an office in Anthony’s house. He and Alison worked from here for 4 years.

Moving to the Innovation Centre, Longbridge…

As time went on, the business was growing rapidly, so Anthony decided that it was time to get a bigger office – at the Innovation Centre in Longbridge. We moved in 2013 to a small office on the ground floor, soon expanding to a larger office in the same wing. It served us well for many years, and most of our clients probably remember this office – or at the very least the huge logo mural we had on the wall!

Opening Longbridge Device Lab…

During this time, we opened Longbridge Device Lab in 2014, in the office space attached to Ballyhoo HQ. It was Birmingham’s first open device lab, holding a range of smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers, allowing the public to test responsive websites for their clients.

Although Longbridge Device Lab is no longer running, we have such fond memories of this not-for-profit venture and we are so proud of everything we accomplished.

Our New Office…

In late 2019, an office became available upstairs which we couldn’t turn down, so we moved in and Sam and Anthony spent two whole days painting the walls in our brand colours – dedication! 


The new office has a dedicated meeting space which is great for client and team meetings alike, and has been known to also serve as a games room and hangout area too. It was important for us to create a space where the team is inspired and feels comfortable.

Innovation Centre Acquired by Pure Offices…

In May 2022, Pure Offices acquired the Innovation Centre. Pure Offices is a serviced office operator running centres across the UK. They have a key focus on sustainability and making the place of work both a positive one for individuals and the planet – which aligns with Ballyhoo’s values perfectly. What’s more, in the last year we’ve held multiple events with Pure Offices – from our 13th Birthday Party, to Macmillan Coffee Morning, to Anthony’s 40th Birthday Brunch.


With three of us permanently in the office, and a hybrid working from home model for other members of the team, it seems like we’ve come a long way since joining back in 2013.

We’ve made some great friends at the Innovation Centre and it’s a great location for both our work-home balance as well as for transport links for clients. And we can’t forget being a short walk from Longbridge Town Centre (and Herbert’s Yard!). 

Headshot of Rebecca young new team member


Rebecca helps to keep the team organised and supports all of our clients with day to day activities and content. She also runs all of Ballyhoo's internal marketing.