Ballyhoo Commerce Version 1.9.8

Ballyhoo Commerce is our very own e-commerce system – developed with you in mind, it’s easy to use yet powerful enough to help you successfully sell online.

We’re now on version 1.9.8 of the system, enhanced product interaction tools make this our most customer-friendly version yet.

Product enquiry

The first of three new features, your customers can now make a direct enquiry to you about one of your products.

Clicking on ‘Make an Enquiry’ (or however you choose to phrase it) will load a contact form for your customer. They’ll need to enter their name, email address and a message and you’ll then be sent an email.

The email subject line is pre-populated depending on which product your customer has been looking at so you instantly know what the email is regarding.

Because your customer gave their email address when they contacted you, you can reply directly to the enquiry email with the answer to their question!

Email a friend

Have you ever been shopping online and instantly seen something you know your friend will love? Or have you ever needed a second opinion?

Your customers can now email a friend a link to your product  – all from your website!

Clicking on Email to a Friend (again, this can be phrased however you want) will load a form where your customer can add their details, their friend’s details and an optional message.

The email your customer’s friend receives is addressed from your customer and will include their message and a link to the product on your website.

Request a product

Our final addition to the system in this version is the ability to request a product.

Request a product is a really useful tool for your customers, here’s just a few potential situations we’ve thought of:

  • Customers short on time can send you a quick message to see if you’ve got what they’re looking for
  • If you’ve got a large product catalogue your customer can send you a message and let you do the hard work tracking down what they need
  • Your customer might love your existing product range, but maybe you don’t stock something they need – they can now let you know what they want in just a few clicks
Alison Chaffey


Alison is our Creative Director*. She has worked alongside Anthony to build the business since it was founded in 2009. Her passion is design and UX, and she has a laser eye-for-detail. In other words, she’s a web developer’s worst nightmare.