Ballyhoo Donate to B30 Foodbank 2023

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This Christmas we’ve teamed up with Pure Offices to collect donations together with our fellow building residents for our local food bank, B30 & South Birmingham Foodbank.

B30 Foodbank

Over the last 10 years, B30 Foodbank has been providing those in need in the local community a lifeline. They have over 100 volunteers who help out at the warehouse and undertake supermarket collections.

B30 Foodbank has links to 250 organisations who distribute vouchers to those who need crisis food that will last them 3 days.

Similar to last year, the cost of living crisis is ever present, making it difficult for families to stay afloat. With this in mind, we decided to cooperate and pull together to collect donations to make a difference.

Ballyhoo & Pure Offices Donation

Donation boxes were placed in communal areas of each floor of the building, for residents to place donations in over the span of 4 weeks. Beside the boxes was a list of urgently needed items provided by B30 Foodbank.

We then made a trip to the foodbank with an astonishing 66.2kg worth of donations.

Thank you to all of our fellow residents for being so generous with your donations.

Working With the Community

We are proud to work with the community and to fundraise for local charities and causes. If you have an event or fundraiser that you would like us to support, please email us at [email protected] now.

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