Ballyhoo Hosting is Green Certified!

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We are thrilled to announce that our website hosting is now Green certified, meaning our website, and our clients’ websites, run on renewable energy.

What is Green Certified?

Burning fossil fuels for power is shortening the lives of people, and also shortening the life of planet Earth. To tackle this, we need to build a fossil-free internet – which is where The Green Web Directory comes in. They provide a free online tool to see if your website/s are hosted by a green company – one that uses renewable energy – as well as a global directory of green hosting providers.

As a hosting provider, we are proud to announce that both our website and our clients’ websites are all hosted on Green servers that use renewable energy to run, and that our hosting infrastructure has produced 0.0 MTCO2e carbon emissions since 2020.

To become accredited on the Green Web Directory, we were required to show evidence of our carbon emissions (or lack thereof) and we will be required to continue demonstrating that Ballyhoo’s servers run on renewables to retain our accreditation.

We are one of a handful of companies in the UK to hold this status.

Check your website’s green status here – you can even download a badge to add to your website to show the world your website is powered by renewable energy!

Our Planet Promise

In 2022 we have a strong focus on the planet, looking for ways that we as a business (and our team) can make our daily activities more planet and environmentally friendly. In addition to being Green Certified, we are also members of Ecologi – planting trees and saving carbon, as well as helping to fund important environmental projects around the world.

What’s more, we recycle as much as possible, even retaining cardboard to use in our own no-dig garden, and are also putting pressure on our suppliers to go Green.

If you’d like to find out more about our website hosting services, or about our company culture, contact our team now who will be happy to help.

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Rebecca helps to keep the team organised and supports all of our clients with day to day activities and content. She also runs all of Ballyhoo's internal marketing.