Ballyhoo Launches Pacer Website

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This month, Ballyhoo launched a website for Pacer UK, with a variant for the USA.

Who Are Pacer?

Pacer is a UK and US manufacturer of computing, power and communications products, and a value added distributor of electronic components. Pacer helps customers to find solutions to their optoelectronic and display design challenges with both off-the-shelf components and custom capabilities.

The Website Project

Pacer’s previous websites were outdated with poor UX, requiring an overhaul of both websites to incorporate responsible designs whilst maintaining search rankings. We created both websites using WordPress Multisite, allowing admins to easily switch between the backend of each site to edit, add and manage content.

User experience and design were top priority, with a focus on user-friendly contact forms to capture customer details. The US site also encompasses an extensive catalogue of parts available to purchase.

Ballyhoo managing director, Anthony Chaffey, has said, “This project allowed us to deploy WordPress Multisite in a way that will make maintenance of what are essentially two variants of the same site a breeze. The sites are clean and attractive, with lots of subtle flourishes incorporating electronic and optical references. There is a huge amount of content, specifically on the US site, so the sites are well-organised and the navigation clear and concise.”

Read more about this web design project here: or read about Ballyhoo’s recent projects here:

About Ballyhoo Ltd:

Ballyhoo are a Digital Agency who provide website design, digital marketing and website support services to companies throughout the UK and around the world. They are based in Longbridge, Birmingham and have been operating since 2009.

About Pacer:

Pacer is a UK and US manufacturer of computing, power and communications products, offering off-the-shelf components and bespoke solutions. They are part of the Solid State Group PLC group of technology companies. and

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