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Here at Ballyhoo, we think it’s important to pass on your knowledge, and to help individuals to learn from our experiences.

As Ballyhoo MD, I’ve always been interested in mentoring programmes that help both the local community and businesses, and over the last 10 years I have been able to play a part in numerous programmes. Not only do mentor programmes allow me to pass on my knowledge, but they allow me to learn from other people too – it’s a win-win situation!

Here are a few mentoring programmes that I have participated in.

Bournville College

In 2014 and 2015, I worked with Bournville College (now known as South & City College Birmingham – Longbridge Campus) in their young person mentoring scheme. I was a mentor for two individuals that were attending the college in sixth form, who showed an interest in Website Design. I helped them with their coursework, and gave them advice, support and tips on how to get into the industry, as well as showing them our office; giving them an insight into what it’s like working in the digital industry. I acted as a ‘sounding board’, allowing them to ask questions and bounce ideas around together.

Mosaic Network & Prince’s Trust

In 2018, I was part of the Mosaic Enterprise Challenge Mentoring Scheme operated by The Prince’s Trust. The concept was that mentors gave time to teach students about establishing and running a business – with a focus on ethics. Individuals were challenged to test their knowledge through an interactive game whereby they did just that; establish and operate a business. 

I worked with another mentor at King’s Heath Boys School, and I’m delighted to say that my team reached the regional finals, beating 3,000 other students from 70 schools across the country! At the regional final, my team was asked to pitch their business ideas to a panel of acclaimed business judges and did fantastically well, showing confidence beyond their years. 

Why Mentoring is Important

Programmes like this are really important to me as it allows me to guide the next generation through realistic challenges that they may face on their way to achieving their goals, and may help them into employment in a fascinating and creative industry.

Mentoring Certificate

In March 2023, I was awarded the ABM Introduction in Business Mentoring – Agile Group certification by ILM, demonstrating my abilities in mentoring, coaching and business management.

Here at Ballyhoo, we strive to help those in our community and I’m really proud to say that we are able to participate in such essential activities that will help individuals to learn, grow and be successful themselves.

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