Ballyhoo Refresh Version 1.5

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Social sharing, slideshows and key system updates to improve efficiency and security can all be found in version 1.5 of Ballyhoo Refresh, the simple content management system.

Social Media Sharing

Social media is an undeniably important factor in any website success story so we’ve added social sharing buttons (with counters) to Ballyhoo Refresh to allow your visitors to let their online friends know all about you.

We’ve initially integrated Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn but plans are afoot to add further integrations for other social networks like Google+ and Pinterest.

Slideshow Module

Similar in concept to our gallery module, on a slideshow page you can upload images to transition on the page in a continual loop. Each image can have an optional caption and custom content can also be added to the page under the slideshow.

Ballyhoo Refresh will automatically generate the slideshow and transition through images when a user first visits the page. Users then have the ability to pause/resume the slideshow and manually browse through the images at their leisure.

JQuery Update

It’s important that we keep up-to-date with new releases of the languages we use to build Ballyhoo Refresh. These often include efficiency improvements and new features that we can use to make content management even easier for you.

In this version of Ballyhoo Refresh we’ve upgraded to JQuery 1.7. JQuery is used to power our gallery and slideshow modules, to enable click-and-drag re-ordering and lots more. 

Obfuscated Email Links

Aside from their other tricks, spammers often use automated ‘robots’ to scan websites for new email addresses. We’ve increased security to prevent robots from successfully viewing the addresses on your site by obfuscating any email addresses in the website template i.e. those that are part of the website design and visible on every page.

Obfuscation is achieved using an encryption which obscures the email address from robots yet allows your users to view, copy and click on your email link as usual.

Alison Chaffey


Alison is our Creative Director*. She has worked alongside Anthony to build the business since it was founded in 2009. Her passion is design and UX, and she has a laser eye-for-detail. In other words, she’s a web developer’s worst nightmare.