Ballyhoo Web Design Agency Launches New E-commerce Website for Walkover Sprayers

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Birmingham web design agency Ballyhoo have recently launched a new e-commerce website for Walkover Sprayers, a South Wales manufacturer of unique lawn treatment equipment and accessories.

Walkover Sprayers have worked with Ballyhoo, a Birmingham web design agency, for many years to help sell their products online and keep their website up-to-date. In late 2012 Walkover Sprayers commissioned Ballyhoo to produce a new version of their website to bring it in line with modern web design techniques and introduce new features for their customers.

At South Wales manufacturer Walkover Sprayers sell a range of spraying equipment, garden treatments, parts and accessories. Their spraying equipment works on the principle that the spraying nozzle is powered purely by the motion of the wheels as the user walks forward, meaning there is no need for an external power source. All walkover sprayers and parts are made in the Walkover Sprayers warehouse in West Glamorgan, UK and are used by gardeners and groundskeepers in gardens and sporting facilities worldwide., based on Ballyhoo’s e-commerce engine Ballyhoo Commerce, was first duplicated to a temporary online development environment where the new website could take shape without affecting the live site. The e-commerce system was then upgraded to the latest available version (meaning a host of new features would become available, including auto-complete search and saved orders) and a custom design by Ballyhoo’s graphic designer was implemented. After being thoroughly tested for consistency and accessibility in all major internet browsers the website was ready to launch.

Walkover Sprayers are also undertaking an online marketing strategy with Ballyhoo to improve website traffic and conversions whereby a number of techniques are being employed to increase the website audience and turn visitors into customers. With a strong background in e-commerce web design and SEO, Ballyhoo were the perfect choice to trust with this task.

Ballyhoo managing director Anthony Chaffey is quoted as saying, “I’m very proud of the new website which is a vast improvement on the site we first developed for them some years ago. We’ll be on hand to support them as their needs evolve and we hope to continue working on and promoting the site for many more years to come.”

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