Ballyhoo Web Design Agency Launches Website For New Wireless Fire Alarm Brand

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Ballyhoo Ltd, a South Birmingham web design agency, have recently launched a new website based on their Ballyhoo Refresh content management system for Wi-Fyre, a new fire alarm brand from Eurofyre.

Eurofyre, a UK supplier and manufacturer of fire detection and fire safety products, have recently collaborated with Birmingham web design agency, Ballyhoo, to launch a website for their new wireless fire alarm brand, WiFyre.

For many years fire alarm installers have encountered difficulties with installing fire alarm systems in areas where wiring presents a problem, with listed buildings being just one example where running wires through rooms can be time-consuming and structurally difficult, if not impossible. Wireless technology has helped these issues to become a thing of the past, allowing life-saving fire alarm systems to be installed virtually anywhere.

Eurofyre have capitalised on their in-depth knowledge of the fire industry and fire detection devices to create the Wi-Fyre range which includes fire detectors, fire control panels, manual call-points and audio-visual warning devices., based on Ballyhoo’s own content management system Ballyhoo Refresh, has a fully bespoke design tailored to Eurofyre’s specifications and has been developed using the latest programming techniques. The site also features a number of custom elements on top of Ballyhoo Refresh, including a jQuery slider which demonstrates how wireless signal strength is indicated on Wi-Fyre Test Survey Heads – to see how the LED lights would typically indicate wireless range the user simply has to move a slider from left to right to show a range of signal strengths from No Signal to Excellent Signal. More information on the design and development process can be found in Ballyhoo’s online portfolio.

Mark Redfearn, Technical Sales Engineer at Eurofyre, commented, “Ballyhoo are one of the friendliest companies we have worked with, easy to communicate with, very professional and understand our ideas and thoughts. […] we are very happy with the work Ballyhoo has created, the website is clean and very easy to use and because of this, we are confident that our new product range will be a success!”.

Brand new websites are often at a disadvantage as they try to compete with more established brands and longer-running websites. To kick-start the success of this venture Eurofyre have also undertaken an online marketing strategy with Ballyhoo to give the best chance of success whereby a number of techniques are being employed to increase the website audience and convert visitors into customers.

More information on this web design project and other projects Ballyhoo have recently completed can be found in Ballyhoo’s online portfolio at

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