Ballyhoo’s 2018 Review of the Year

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Yet another year has passed so we’re taking a moment to look back over the events of 2018 as well as look forward to everything 2019 will bring, including [SPOILER] Ballyhoo’s 10th anniversary!

This year we’ve worked on some fantastic websites for equally brilliant clients (thank you!) and also really delved into who we are and what we want to achieve with Ballyhoo as a company. As many of you reading this will attest, running your own business can be littered with peaks and troughs – 2018 being no exception. On a personal note, arguably the biggest event of 2018 was the birth of our second Ballyhoo baby, a little girl born in September! Many thanks to both our clients and the Ballyhoo team for your support while Alison and I have adjusted to our new addition.

Holiday Opening Hours

First things first, you should know when we’ll be closing for holidays this year. As usual, we’ll be shutting down operations for the festivities to give the team some much needed time off after all their hard work in 2018.

The Ballyhoo office will be closed as follows:

5.00pm Thursday 20th December 2018
9.00am 3rd January 2019

During this time we’ll be monitoring our emails but if you have an urgent request or enquiry please give us a call, leave a voicemail and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

General enquiries: [email protected]
Support requests: [email protected]
Telephone: 0121 295 5352

2018 Projects

We’ve been so busy that we’re a little behind with updating our portfolio but we’ve been working on some exciting projects this year that we can’t wait to showcase for you.

Much of Ballyhoo’s work comes from repeat custom, whether it’s improvements to an existing website or the chance to collaborate with clients on new ventures. We also manage many sites as ongoing projects whereby we provide a range of services, including hosting, digital marketing and support and maintenance, to ensure that our clients’ businesses continue to perform online.

From website redesigns to freshen up visuals to web development to add new functionality, we’ve done it all this year. Most notably in recent months we’ve launched brand new versions of websites for S2S Courses and Discount Fire Supplies, two customers that we’ve been working with for many years. As their businesses have grown (we like to think with our help!) and as technologies have improved and evolved, both reached the point where the best course of action was to rebuild the websites to continue to perform for them.

It’s also been a pleasure to work with new clients throughout 2018 that we hope to continue working with for many years to come. These projects have included everything from branding exercises to web development that’s pushed the boundaries of what it’s possible to achieve on a website, utilising new technologies that we believe will soon become mainstream. In particular, we’re proud to have begun working with AGA Rangemaster this year on an innovative tool to help choose which of their amazing products best suits your needs, and with Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery on a platform to help them cope with the huge demand for tickets to see the recent Dippy exhibition they put on.

Our Team

We make no bones over the fact that Ballyhoo is a small company, in fact we actually class as a micro business. It’s something we’ve considered in depth over the last couple of years and we’ve experimented with expanding the team during this time. However, as an owner-manager with an expanding team, there comes a point where you spend most of your time managing people and chasing leads and have less opportunity to do the job you love, and that’s not why we started Ballyhoo.

Ballyhoo is now a team of experts who excel in their separate fields, pulling together to create and maintain exceptional websites for our clients. Web design and development is still our main focus and strength, but in addition to our in-house team we have a roster of trusted freelancers we can rely on for the type of work we often have less demand for, including graphic design, illustration, photography and videography. We also believe that online marketing goes hand-in-hand with the success of your website and will continue to offer this as a service to give you tailored strategies to improve your website’s visibility and performance.

You can learn more about our team here but the names you need to know are:

  • Anthony – managing director and project lead
  • Alison – operations director (maternity leave)
  • Sam – online marketing manager
  • James – backend developer
  • Evans – frontend developer

So, while Alison is on maternity leave, we’re ending the year as the “core four” and we’ll be staying that way for the foreseeable.

Thank You

Once again, thank you to clients old and new for your business throughout 2018 and beyond. We wouldn’t be here without you. Happy holidays everyone!

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Anthony is Ballyhoo's Managing Director and Web Developer, responsible for building your website and keeping it online.