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Google have announced the below changes to Workspace from 14th June 2022 around search history data.

Google Workspace Search History Changes

Currently, there is a setting called Web & App Activity that allows you to manage search data collection. When turned on, these settings help users and admins store and manage search history and access previous search terms.

From 14th June, Google will add a new My Activity page called Google Workspace Search History. It will control search data storage from core Google Workspace services only.

Users will be able to continue using Web & App Activity to control data storage from additional Google services you’ve enabled for them.

Any user with Web & App Activity disabled at the time of launch will have Google Workspace search history off by default.

New users will have Google Workspace search history on by default.

What do these changes mean?

Google Workspace search history will allow users to:

  • Store and use search data only for core Google Workspace services – when enabled, users can get faster and more relevant email and file searches in Google Workspace services like Gmail and Drive
  • Enable or disable Google Workspace search history from their My Activity page – allowing them to change their search history retention preferences

The new Google Workspace search history setting simplifies user control over search data by separating it from Web & App Activity.

Action Required

Google Workspace search history will mirror your existing Web & App Activity preferences, meaning that no action is required from you. 

However, if you don’t want search data collected from additional Google services, you’ll need to disable those services entirely or limit access using groups.

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