Easy Tips to Make Your Laptop Energy Efficient

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With the current climate crisis, sustainability is more important than ever. Collectively, we are all trying to be more aware of our carbon footprint and making our daily tasks more energy efficient – with making small changes to our laptop usage included.

4 tips to Make Your Laptop More Energy Efficient

Adjust Screen Brightness

Changing your screen brightness settings can impact your energy usage – the screen is one of the biggest energy consumers in your devices. Change your settings to adjust your screen brightness automatically depending on the light level in the room. Not only does this save energy, it also is kinder on your eyes and will improve your overall laptop battery life.

Close Unused Software

This might seem like an obvious one, but with the rise of WFH it can be easy to have a million things open all at once. Especially in website development, this can be a real issue. Running software in the background can increase energy consumption as well as making your device slow. Remember to close any software or apps that you are not using when you can.

Unplug The Charger

Some of us have a bad habit of leaving our laptop connected to the power source, however this can be detrimental to energy usage. Unplugging will flip your laptop into efficient mode, which will slow down your hardware, reducing energy consumption.

Unplug External Devices

As above, the same goes with detaching external devices. Detaching your keyboard, a mouse or webcam will help to save on energy and will also mean that your laptop battery lasts longer – win win!

Saving energy and identifying more ways to be sustainable is everyone’s responsibility, and small changes can make a big impact. We are striving to be sustainable – read how here.

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