Ecologi Zero – Carbon Footprinting for Small Businesses to Become Net Zero

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Ecologi have recently launched Ecologi Zero – a verification and carbon footprinting tool for small businesses to calculate their carbon footprint for free, to start their net-zero journey.

What is Ecologi Zero?

Ecologi Zero is working with Xero – global accounting software – to help scale net-zero here in the UK. Previously, carbon footprinting has required expensive consultants to calculate a snapshot of emissions, many of which are out of reach for small businesses. 

Ecologi Zero aims to tackle this, connecting with Xero to allow businesses to efficiently calculate their carbon footprint and gain insights into emissions. Ultimately, this helps small businesses to take action against climate change, and begin their path to net-zero. The tool is available on the Xero App Store, making it easy for businesses to implement.

What is Net Zero?

Net-zero refers to us as a community collectively achieving a balance of greenhouse gas removal and reduction vs. the emissions we produce.

Key Features

Integrating with Xero

The tool connects seamlessly with Xero, to analyse figures and data to create a snapshot of your carbon footprint.


Another handy part of the Ecologi Zero tool allows businesses to look at their suppliers, identifying high carbon emission culprits and cleaning them up.

Energy & Travel

Energy consumption and travel emissions can be manually added to the system, allowing you track figures and set reduction targets.


The tool currently allows your business to calculate your carbon footprint at no extra cost, easily and without the need for any expertise.

Further Features

Ecologi is continually working to enhance the platform, and will soon add features to set and track targets, expand the service to other countries, integrate with Quickbooks, and expand to support product and e-commerce based businesses.

Ballyhoo + Ecologi Zero

Here at Ballyhoo, we care about the planet and local communities. We’ve been members of Ecologi for almost 12 months, and, as we already use Xero for our accounting, we are now signed up to Ecologi Zero too. We think it’s a great tool to help us visualise our carbon footprint and take actionable information to make real life changes.

What’s more, Ecologi Zero allows us to fund climate solutions within the platform, to easily show our climate impact and decrease our carbon footprint.

View our Ecologi profile here.

Alison, Creative Director at Ballyhoo, says “Ecologi Zero has demystified complex carbon emissions calculations, allowing us to easily see which scopes our emissions fall under and allowing us to set realistic reduction targets. I love that it’s pulled through several years worth of transactions from Xero which I’ve easily been able to match to their respective industries. I’ve also been able to backdate our energy usage from utility bills and add mileage for meetings. I’m pleased to say that, based on the figures and our current investment into carbon reduction, we are now offsetting more than 6x the carbon we produce every year.”

Work with a Climate Friendly Website Design Team

We’re really proud of the work that we are doing to become a more sustainable and planet friendly digital agency. We think this sets us apart from other agencies out there, along with our first class website design and development services from our team with collectively 50 years of experience. Contact us today to learn more and to discuss your project.

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