Formalising Branding for Europhoenix

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We worked with locomotive brand Europhoenix, to take their current logo and formalise this to full brand guidelines, to communicate how the brand should be represented to the world.

Creating Brand Guidelines

Europhoenix had an existing logo, however this is as far as their branding elements went – they had no formal document outlining how the elements should be used in real life scenarios.

Therefore, we collaborated with the client to create a full Brand Guidelines document. Brand guidelines communicate how the brand should be portrayed to the world, and allows internal team members to know which colours and logos they should be using in daily operations.

Using the logo, we mapped out in the guidelines document how the logo should be used in daily operations, plus variations of the submark logo. The document details logo application – how the logo can be used and layered for real life scenarios. Variations include clear space around it, reverse (on colour background), monochrome and on an image.

Within the brand guidelines document, we selected brand colours from the logo. This included both primary palette colours and also accent colours used to create contrast on key details.

Europhoenix Website

We also designed and built a brand new website for Europhoenix, focusing on featuring visual images of their fleet for customers and fans alike.

Who are Europhoenix?

Since 2008, Europhoenix has been rejuvenating UK locomotives for the domestic and export market, offering a cost-effective solution to train operating companies. They work with both electric and diesel-electric trains for re-use.

Now, Europhoenix also offers UK and Europe maintenance training, providing efficient site support.

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