Google Voice – What Is It and What Is a Reseller?

We have recently changed our phone number (0121 295 5352) – which is due to us transferring our telephony services over to Google Voice! But what is Google Voice, and why are we using it?

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is an internet telephone service created by Google; it allows us to combine call services and forward calls to several devices at a time. This means that calls can be automatically forwarded to our team members if someone isn’t available – ensuring that your message is picked up quickly and efficiently. We can also use Google Voice on desktop and mobile devices – meaning the team can pick up your calls throughout the day regardless of where they are.

Google Voice Features

Ring Groups

In addition to having multiple devices hooked up to our phone number, Google Voice also includes a feature called ring groups. This allows our team members to answer calls from the same Google Voice number, taking turns to answer calls. Calls will ring through the group one at a time – so if one person isn’t available, the call will automatically ring another team member. What’s more, all outbound calls appear from the same number. 


Often when calling a company or support number, you will be given options to be put through to the relevant person – which we can now do with Google Voice. This is called auto-attendant – a first point of contact menu that acknowledges the caller and directs you to the correct team members by allowing callers to choose from options. For example, this may start with ‘For web support, press one’. This allows us to get your call picked up and managed by the correct person as quickly as possible.

Local Phone Numbers

Google Voice also gives us a local phone number, meaning that it stays familiar to callers, giving reassurance that the call is picked up from Ballyhoo HQ in the UK.

Work Schedules

Google Voice also listens to our Google Calendars – meaning that once we set our hours in the calendar, the phone will automatically not disturb the team members number when they are off duty.

What is a Google Reseller?

In addition to using Google Voice, we are also a Google Reseller, meaning that we can sell Google Workspace, Google Voice and other Google apps to our clients and manage their accounts. We can migrate, manage and give you support for your team’s Google Workspace accounts. You can view Google Workspace plans and prices here.

Interested in buying or migrating Google Workspace through Ballyhoo? Contact us now for more details.

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