Google Workspace – Pooled Storage Now On Business Starter Plan

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If you’re on the Google Workspace Business Starter plan, you’ll now benefit from pooled storage.

What is Pooled Storage?

Google Workspace has updated its Business Starter plan from per-user storage to pooled storage.

Pooled storage is storage shared across your organisation, including Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Previously, customers on the Business Starter plan had 30GB storage per user. The new pooled storage limit is 30GB multiplied by the number of end users. For example, if employee 1 only uses 20GB storage, but employee 2 uses 30GB, employee 2 can also use the extra 10GB that employee 1 does not use.

Pooled storage gives a simple way to manage storage by sharing it across your organisation.

Additionally, admins have access to tools to monitor how storage is used across the organisation.

Action Required

New customers will be signed up with pooled storage, whilst existing customers will be transitioned to pooled storage over the next few months. This will be done automatically and no action is required from you.

If you need more storage for your organisation, you can purchase additional pooled storage or upgrade your Google Workspace to a plan with more storage options.

Google Cloud Partners

Ballyhoo are certified Google Cloud Partners and Google Resellers, meaning we can sell and help support Google Workspace for our clients. If you need help with your organisation’s Google Workspace, please contact us now.

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