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Earlier this week we launched a website update for Halesowen Self Drive, a van rental company based in the Midlands.

Who are Halesowen Self Drive?

Halesowen Self Drive have a range of vans available for rental, 7 days a week. Starting with just five vans over 17 years ago, they now have over 20 vans in their fleet, in a range of sizes to suit everyone’s needs. With excellent customer service, HSD pride themselves on their great customer satisfaction. And with low, refundable deposits, it’s no surprise that they are the most popular van rental in the heart of the UK.

The Website Project

The Halesowen Self Drive site needed to be moved over to WordPress – to allow us to easily carry out future website updates, and give us more flexibility when making bespoke changes. We managed the smooth transition over to WordPress, and once migrated, we implemented a range of website changes and updates.

Site Width

As the original website was built a few years ago, it was a little outdated in terms of responsive design. As screens have gotten bigger with the advancement of technology, we needed the website to reflect this. We have therefore increased the site width, so that it is optimised on screens of all sizes.

Design Improvements

Our team of web designers carried out a design review to implement visual improvements, which included adding consistent, clean images across the website.

We have also added a van grid on the website homepage. This allows customers to visually identify which van they need, to help them fill out the enquiry/quote form.

What’s more, we also updated the Feefo integration section, to make it more visually appealing and user friendly. It’s important to display reviews on the website to gain user trust, helping them on their purchase decision.

Future Updates

We are already working on the next phase of the Halesowen Self Drive website, with future updates being easy to implement now that the website is powered by WordPress. The website will soon be able to take secure online payments, and Feefo reviews will be replaced with Google reviews – allowing users to leave reviews once they’ve returned their vehicle.

Read more about this web design project here: https://ballyhoo.co.uk/projects/halesowen-self-drive/ 


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