Important Changes to G Suite and Google Workspace

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After the release of Google Workspace late last year, Google is now moving all previous G Suite customers to an equivalent Google Workspace plan, as G Suite will no longer be available going forward.

Google will do this for all accounts automatically by the end of March, however we can do this for you beforehand – ensuring you are put on the right plan. 

It’s unlikely, but this may mean that you will need a higher tier plan which could be different pricing. If you anticipate this being an issue then please contact us to discuss.

G Suite Basic vs Google Workspace Business Standard

Your core services will still be available on your new Workspace plan, however, here are a few differences between the current G Suite Basic plan and the new Google Workspace Business plan.

G Suite BasicGoogle Workspace Business Standard
Number of usersAny number1-300*
Email, document, photo storage per user30GB1TB**
Android app management
Selectively distribute mobile apps
Shared drives for teams
Advanced Drive sharing permissions
Maximum number of participants per meeting100150
Google Meet – Recording meetings, breakout rooms, Q&A

*If you require more than 300 users, you will need to be upgraded to Google Workspace Enterprise plan.

**Shared between all users, 2TB if you have more than 5 users

A Message for Our Clients

We will soon be transitioning your G Suite accounts over to Google Workspace. This will not result in any downtime for your emails or accounts. If you have any questions, please do contact us by giving us a call on 0121 295 5352 or sending us an email at [email protected]

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