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G Suite has had a makeover

Key points

  • G Suite has rebranded to Google Workspace
  • Google Workspace brings collaboration and communication together under one roof.
  • You’ll still have access to Gmail and other apps like Docs and Google Meet.
  • There’s no additional charge, you will be transitioned to an equivalent tier on the new Google Workspace subscription model.

Some business management news for you today. As you may know, Ballyhoo has been an official reseller of G Suite for a number of years.

G Suite includes professional email accounts and an ever-expanding range of office suite and business applications, such as Calendar, Docs and Google Meet. Depending on your edition, you’ll also benefit from terabytes of cloud storage via Drive and advanced admin tools to keep your business secure and compliant.

Google has announced that G Suite has been rebranded as Google Workspace, a moniker that better reflects their diverse product offering and the ethos of the brand in providing everything your organisation needs to work effectively.

With productivity and collaboration at the forefront of every organisation’s needs right now, and digitisation rapidly accelerating due to the pandemic, Google is firmly marketing Google Workspace as the only subscription you need to keep your team on the right track.

What does this mean for my existing G Suite account?

Not a lot, to be honest. You’ll still have access to Gmail and the other applications you may be taking advantage of (though we know for many of you email is possibly the only application you currently use).

In practical terms, you won’t need to lift a finger as the Ballyhoo team will take care of the transition over the coming months as we move your subscription to the correct new Google Workspace tier. Your pricing will remain the same and we will continue to be your point of contact for any administrative queries.

You will, however, see the name of the service change on your Ballyhoo invoices from G Suite to Google Workspace and you may spot the new name and branding during your customer experience when you use Gmail, Docs or any of the other Workspace applications.

What about the future?

We can’t promise Google won’t pull another rebrand out of the bag, that’s for sure! It seems only yesterday that we moved from Google Apps to G Suite! (we’re showing our age, aren’t we?) 

Long before we became a Google Cloud Partner, we used Google Apps in-house for years and soon came to realise that it was the best solution for our clients too, outstripping Outlook and other email clients in ease-of-use, reliability and product experience.

The gamut of additional features and applications that have been added over time have rapidly improved our own collaboration and communication capabilities and we’re excited to see how the Google Workspace evolution takes things even further.

Polls have recently been introduced in Google Meet.

Some features in the pipeline include the ability to collaborate on Docs real-time from within a chatroom environment and use Google Meet picture-in-picture within Docs, Sheets & Slides (as opposed to forsaking face-to-face video for screen sharing). 

We’ll see what else the future holds! Picture-in-picture is certainly something that the Ballyhoo team will benefit from while many of us continue to work remotely.

If you have any questions about Google Workspace or cloud collaboration tools please reach out to us on 0121 295 5352 or email [email protected] to speak with the team.

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