It’s Ballyhoo’s 8th Birthday

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Today’s the day, it’s Ballyhoo’s 8th birthday! And what a fantastic eight years it has been.

Over the years we have seen Ballyhoo flourish to a team of six and there have also been many changes to the services we offer. Our offering has stemmed from just web design and development to incorporating online marketing and additional services such as website support and maintenance and website hosting.

The Last 8 Years

We have seen the web industry change a great deal over the years, but we have quickly adapted to new ideas and kept up-to-date with them day by day. There is now a significant need for responsive websites and the rise of SEO and online marketing has shaped the way we tackle projects, with online success in mind from the outset. We always ensure that we do our best to create outstanding websites that work perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices, from product pages and blog posts to online calculators and payment processing.

With the growth in certain aspects, we have lost the need for others such as older web browsers, including Internet Explorer 9 and 10. Back in January 2017, Microsoft declared they would no longer be supporting Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 on Windows 7 onwards. This meant that we needed to check our statistics and decide whether it was worth continuing to provide support or ceasing it completely. In the interest of embracing new technology, we decided to suspend support and offer advice and guidance to those who are now vulnerable to attacks and help them update their browser.

Not only has there been growth in the world of websites, but we have also grown in terms of the range of projects we have worked on. We continue to support many long-term, loyal customers, but we have also worked on some challenging, and unique, new projects incorporating a number of complex functionalities such as booking systems, sophisticated security, discount options and product modules.

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What Will We Continue To Do?

The answer is simple, provide great service.

We are committed to providing amazing service for our clients, answering any of your questions, improving your rankings in search engines and ensuring your website is expertly designed and developed. We will do what it takes to ensure you have the best experience with us.

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Anthony is Ballyhoo's Managing Director and Web Developer, responsible for building your website and keeping it online.