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In this month’s instalment of our design and marketing glossary series, we’re delving into all things beginning with K…


Kanban is a workflow management method used in just-in-time work. It is a method for defining, managing and improving processes that deliver results.

Tasks are presented on Kanban boards, allowing users to visualise work, maximise efficiency and optimise work delivery across teams. You can move tasks from board to board, clearly seeing where tasks are within their journey. If you’ve used Trello you’ve used Kanban!


Chances are that if you’re using a computer or laptop, then you’ve got a keyboard on your desk too. A keyboard is one of the primary input devices used to input text, characters and other commands into a computer. They are similar to typewriter keyboards, with the layout following QWERTY types. 

Most keyboards have letters, numbers and symbols, with some also featuring a numeric keypad, volume controls, shortcut buttons and some even have an in-built trackball mouse.

Key Dates

There’s a variety of national celebration and topic awareness days that happen every year, providing marketers with the opportunity to support a deserving movement or get involved with some fun and frivolity.

We’ve created Ballyhoo’s List of Key Dates and Events for your Social Media and PR Calendars to help you keep up-to-date with the latest events that you can use in your own marketing campaigns.

See our key dates calendar

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable measurements used to measure a company or marketing campaign’s long-term performance. They help to determine a marketing goal by tracking the impact of strategy outcomes. KPIs help to keep teams aligned and accountable, and help marketers to align their work with desired outcomes. 

Examples of KPIs include monthly website traffic, number of leads, conversion rate for call to action content, cost per customer/acquisition, return on investment for ad-spend and keywords in the top search results page. 


Keywords are words, phrases and topics that define what your content is about, that searchers enter into search engines called ‘search queries’. Any term typed in a search engine is considered a keyword, including single words and long phrases.

Keywords on your website and in your ads need to be relevant to what people are searching for, giving them a better chance of finding your content. Keywords pinpoint what people are searching for and the content that you are providing. 

In organic search, your goal is to rank on search engines to drive traffic to your website from search engines. In PPC marketing (such as Google Ads), marketers bid to appear at the top of search results for specific keywords.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of finding and analysing search terms and keywords that people enter into search engines to find content relevant to them. The goal of using this data is for SEO purposes and to create effective Ads.

Keyword research offers valuable insight into queries that your target audience are searching for online, helping marketers with their marketing strategy. In addition to this, marketers can use keywords to create content on their website, to make their content discoverable to their audience. When implementing keyword research, there are three elements to take into consideration – relevance, authority and volume.


Here at Ballyhoo, we are always working to extend and grow our knowledge, and to pass this on to our customers and followers too. In the web design and marketing industry, software and processes are ever changing and evolving, meaning we need to continuously grow our knowledge and learn new techniques and ways of doing things.

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