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Woahhh we’re halfway there, woahhh web jargon everywhere 🎵 That’s right – we are halfway through our alphabet glossary series already! Keep reading to see all marketing and web design beginning with M and become an expert.


No, we don’t mean a rain mac. Mac is Apple’s answer to desktop computers – the original Macintosh was the first successful mass-market all-in-one desktop personal computer that featured a graphical user interface, built-in screen, and mouse launching in 1984. Apple Macs are still popular today, with Macbooks also being released which are smaller, laptop versions of the popular computer.


Electronic Mail (Email) is the process of exchanging messages between users using electronic devices – such as laptops, phones and tablets. Email was one of the first activities performed over the internet and is now used in our daily lives. There are a host of email service providers – including Gmail, Outlook, Apple and Yahoo. The beauty of email is that messages can be sent around the world instantly, to individuals or groups of people, and in marketing – it allows you to communicate with your customers and build brand loyalty and relationships.


Websites need to be continuously maintained – many businesses think that once they have a website built it doesn’t need looking after, but this is not the case. WordPress websites need to be maintained in order to continue to work and serve users – WordPress itself needs to be updated regularly, along with plugin updates to ensure usability and security. For this very reason we have created our support and maintenance contracts, which are cost-efficient ways of keeping your website up-to-date, whether you are short on time or lacking the relevant knowledge or experience.


MAMP is a local web development solution made of free and open source software that is used together to develop and run dynamic websites on macOS and Windows devices. MAMP provides devices with the tools they need to run WordPress for testing or development purposes.


Marketing is the action of promoting and selling products and services using market research and advertising, and encompasses both traditional and digital marketing. This includes billboards, flyers, content marketing, social media (organic and paid) marketing, email marketing, and the list could go on!


Digital Media refers to audio, video, graphics, images, text, and more, which can be created, viewed, modified and distributed via electronic devices. Digital media has many benefits, including aiding social interaction, increasing brand awareness and increasing website conversions.


Microsoft is a technology company which is the largest vendor of computer software in the world after being founded in 1975. Microsoft produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers and more. Today, Microsoft is everywhere – from the desktop computers that we use to email software such as Outlook.

Mobile Responsive

In web development, we design sites that are mobile responsive, meaning that the website is optimised to be functional and attractive on devices of different sizes. This means that the layout of web pages adjusts to the screen based on the device it’s viewed from, with content automatically changing to fit the screen size. Research shows that over 47% of web traffic in the UK comes from mobile devices – meaning that it is critical that websites are designed with all devices in mind.


Mozilla Firefox (now known as simply Firefox) is a free, open-source web browser that is used to access and browse the internet that was created in 2002. In more recent years, developers have committed to supporting user’s privacy and developing tools to stop third parties from tracking users around the web, meaning that many users feel comfortable using the platform.

We’re really proud of you for making it half way through the blog series – give yourself a pat on the back! Come back next month to delve deeper into everything beginning with N, or catch up on the rest of the blog series here. Interested in our web design services? Contact us for more information and to get your project started.

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