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As you may have noticed, the Ballyhoo website has undergone a facelift!

Today marks the day that our brand new website launches – and we are so excited to finally be able to share it with you.

We have been working on the site for far longer than we ever anticipated, but as most agencies will tell you – our own website fell to the back of the list behind clients.

The new website encompasses all that we are – modern, innovative, and progressive.

Project Brief

Our previous website was a little outdated – having been designed in 2017. Due to the age of the website, we needed to overcome the bulkiness of the site, as it was no longer fit for purpose. What’s more, the content was a little outdated, and needed to be presented in a more visually pleasing way for a better user experience.

We also wanted to showcase our website design and development skills and expertise, which we have achieved by adding new, modern features.

Additionally, the website needed to continue to be responsive – due to 25% of our visitors coming from mobile and tablet devices.

Our Favourite Features

Here are some of our favourite features that we think you should check out:

Good Morning Spinner

The greeting on the home page automatically calculates which message to show depending on the time of day, spinning through the potential options before settling on the correct greeting.

Our Brochure

Our graphic design whizz Alison has created a brochure PDF, that can be viewed on our website to give you a quick summary of who we are, what we do, and why you should work with us. This allows you to get a snapshot of Ballyhoo that you can read offline, and share with your team. You can view and download the brochure here.

Fresh Portfolio Items

As we complete some incredible projects, we wanted to be able to showcase these to show what we are capable of. Our portfolio items have been updated to be easier to read, with defined sections that allow website visitors the opportunity to read in depth about the work that we do.

See the projects here

Reading Progress Bar

Our blog is updated bi-weekly with a range of articles that differ in length, and to make these easier to read we’ve added a handy tool that displays your reading progress. This gradient progress slider appears at the bottom of the screen and shows you how far through a blog post you are. This was created with Javascript – to dynamically set the width depending on the scroll of the page – and CSS – for the style. 

What’s more, the progress bar is displayed in our branded colours – cool!

Real Imagery

Wherever possible on this website, stock images have been kept to a minimum. Instead, you’ll find real photographs of the Ballyhoo office and team, which adds an authentic aesthetic and helps you get a feel for what we are really like. 

A Word From Us

Ballyhoo managing director, Anthony Chaffey, has said “If you’ve heard the phrase “a plumbers tap always drips”, that’s the analogy we used to describe our old website; we didn’t feel it represented what we were capable of but struggled to find the time to do much about it. The Ballyhoo team have worked hard in and around client projects to deliver something that really shows what we can do. We’re also fully embracing the concept of “dogfooding” with this iteration of our site; we’re using all of the technologies and techniques that we have been recommending to our clients for years. We hope this will give us more insight into the daily operations of our customers and demonstrates our confidence in the tools we build.“

So take a look around the new website and let us know what you think on Twitter or Instagram.

Headshot of Rebecca young new team member


Rebecca helps to keep the team organised and supports all of our clients with day to day activities and content. She also runs all of Ballyhoo's internal marketing.