Oops, You Have Sent A Shopping Cart With Errors

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When we recently integrated Ballyhoo Commerce, our e-commerce software, with Google Checkout, we had to overcome a few issues that we discovered to be commonplace during integration.

We hope that sharing our experiences with this integration will benefit others.

Initial Error Message

If you encounter the following vague error message when directing a user to Google Checkout:

Oops! (Example Company) has sent Google a shopping cart with errors in it. We’ll contact them to ask that they fix this problem. As this could be a temporary issue, you can go back in your browser to try checking out again.

Then you should now:

  • Go to www.google.com/checkout (no longer available)
  • Log in with your Google account
  • Select My Sales in the top right corner
  • Select the Tools tab
  • Select Integration Console at the bottom of the left side

Any error messages for your attention will be in the Integration Console. These outline the fundamental issue but do not always provide a solution.


One particular issue that we have identified a solution for is “The specified ShippingRestrictions result in an unsupported shipping area”.

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