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Creative block – we’ve all had it. The more you force your creativity to come back, the more it disappears from reach. However, a great way to get those creative juices flowing again is by looking for inspiration from other designers. We’ve collated ten of our favourite websites that we use to get inspiration.

10 Website Design Inspiration Websites


Behance is a social media platform that showcases creative work, by creatives all around the world. We use Behance not only for website design inspiration, but to also discover new typefaces.

The beauty of Behance is that creatives from all industries, backgrounds and styles are on the platform, meaning you can find inspiration no matter what your project!


Dribbble is a community for creatives, allowing users to share their work, grow their portfolio and get hired. It’s a great platform for discovering and connecting with designers, and you could easily spend hours looking for inspiration.

Note that you need to sign up for an account in order to preview designs in full.


Godly is an accumulation of website design from all over the internet, featuring the very best of design. With plenty of filters to choose from, you can find what you’re looking for in a click of a button, discovering a variety of website design inspo.

Admire the Web

Similar to Godly, Admire the Web is a display of website design from websites all over the internet. What we like most about the site is that once you’ve found a design that you like, you can click through onto the actual website – ready to interact and have a nosey around. Great to get the creative juices flowing!

Figma Community

Figma Community is a dedicated space for Figma users to share files, plugins, and widgets that they have created. This means that whether you’re looking for a full website example for inspiration, or simply a button design, there’s lots of resources to find.

Site Inspire

Siteinspire showcases the finest web and interactive design out there, and also features a directory area where you can find website designers and website agencies from across the globe, with examples of their work. New work and websites are added every day, meaning there’s a wealth of ideas to explore.

Best Web Gallery

Best Web Gallery showcases different website designs, featuring a rating score for each design. Although there are a smaller number of websites listed on the Best Web Gallery compared to other sites, we still think it’s a valuable resource.


Awwwards is a web design and development competition body, featuring exceptional site design from a variety of agencies and independent designers. Browse the designs for inspiration, and you can even vote for your favourite – meaning you can give back to those that help with your creative block.

They also have a SOTD (Site Of The Day) which changes every day, ace for new inspo!


CodePen is an online code editor that allows designers and developers to build a website and showcase work. CodePen is a great community to get inspiration for what’s possible to build and deliver, and even allows you to save your favourite websites into collections. We use it regularly to get inspiration for IU, transitions and hover effects.


Of course, we had to add Pinterest to the list. Although it is a social media platform, Pinterest is similar to a search engine – you can save and discover images and videos on the internet.

We love Pinterest for inspiration as it allows us to search for patterns, colours, and styles to save all in a board for project inspiration.

An Inspiration Disclaimer

It’s worth noting, that in the creative industry especially, copying is rife. We emphasise that these sites should be used as inspiration only, not copying.

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