Pantone 2018 Colour of the Year, Ultra Violet

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With the new year unfolding, Pantone is back with an all-new ‘Color of the Year’, Ultra Violet. 2018 is represented by a colour that symbolises a night sky that leads to discoveries beyond our current capabilities. It will inspire us to look towards a world beyond our own and incorporate a sense of mystery and magic into our designs.

2018’s Colour of the Year

The colour of the year chosen for 2018 is Ultra Violet, a mystical extension of the traditional bluish-purple violet.

Ultra Violet was not only chosen to inspire others, but it was determined based on a variety of aspects such as cultural trends, emerging emotions and political developments. This colour embodies aspects of blue, purple and red to create a vibrant, mystical and magical shade.

Experts at Pantone refer to this chosen colour as “a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future” and we couldn’t agree more.

A Source of Inspiration

Ultra Violet already seems to be having an effect on the art, beauty and digital world. We are only in the first month of 2018 and can already see Ultra Violet artwork, beauty products and fashion items being released in the shade.

Digital Agencies

When searching the web, we have already seen digital agencies incorporating Ultraviolet into their designs and branding, with some even including a mystic touch to their theme. As web designers, we’re always on the look out for new trends and get excited at the end of each year to see what Pantone announces.


Many designers in the fashion industry, for example, use Pantone’s chosen colours to keep up with modern trends. Therefore, we expect to see more purple on the runways and in clothing stores this year. Many online clothing stores have a feature on their website that allows shoppers to select their preferred colour, which in 2018 is most likely going to be purple. Fashion designers must ensure they are supplying the ideal shade, Ultra Violet.

Home Decor

Not only can Ultra Violet be incorporated in digital and fashion choices, but many violetta maniacs are keen to bring this colour into their homes and are taking inspiration from leading interior designers; most of which are advising decorators to embrace the dramatic colour and to incorporate a variety of complementing, purple shades.

An easy way to start bringing this colour into the home would be to purchase a variety of cushions in a number of shades and finishes as well as placing artwork around the building. It’s easy, not too expensive and shows you are keeping up with Pantone.

Previous Colours of the Year

Each Pantone colour of the year demonstrates how design and industry trends are changing and showcases how the digital world can keep up with them. In 2018, designers will need to add a mystic touch into their designs and show colour in all its glory. Will they incorporate vibrancy? mystic elements? animations? or add a variation of light and shade?

Previously, we’ve seen hues of Greenery, Blue Iris, Chilli Pepper, Honeysuckle and Sand Dollar become very popular and well loved so we are excited to see the rise in Ultra Violet and how it can be used to show a world beyond our own.


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