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We’re on the home stretch now, nearly finishing our web design and marketing glossary series, helping you to expand your knowledge. This month, we delve into everything beginning with Q.

QR Code

During the pandemic, we saw a rise in the use of QR codes for contactless ordering at restaurants and even shops. QR codes are a small, square barcode that users can scan with their smartphones to direct them to a website (or menu etc). QR codes store information as a series of pixels which conveys information when scanned.


We’re big on quality at Ballyhoo – we create successful, high-quality websites that help your business to grow online. We have a variety of quality control and quality assurance steps that our website projects and content creation goes through to ensure maximum quality in everything that we do.


Quantifying the user experience in web design and development is essential to identifying how successful your website is. A few ways to measure this is by looking at user interest, user actions, and user satisfaction.


At Ballyhoo, we are qualified website designers and developers, with over 60 years experience between the team. This makes us the perfect website design partners, giving your website project the time and love that it deserves.


A search query is text that a user enters into the search bar or search engine to find their information needs. 

In the backend, SQL (Structured Query Language) is a computer programming language that handles databases used in website development, and a query here is a request for data found in the database.


The good ol’ British pound – the currency that keeps the country running. All of the booking systems and e-commerce websites that we build are built with payment integrations, to allow customers to pay easily and quickly. These include Stripe, Paypal, Google Pay and Apple Pay.


QWERTY is the keyboard layout that we all know and use – with its name coming from the first six keys on the top left letter row of the keyboard. This layout was designed back in 1868 for use on typewriters, so that frequently used letters were spread apart, avoiding clashing or jamming of the most used letters.

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