Recycling Old Equipment with Green IT Disposal

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Ballyhoo have recently collected and donated equipment for Green IT Disposal, for safe and sustainable destruction.

Donating Old, Unused & Broken Equipment

As any tech orientated company will know, old equipment can mount up fast. Whether it be old monitors, outdated software, or screens that are simply too small, we had a pile building up quickly in the office – taking up precious space!

We have a great connection with our fellow businesses in our Pure Offices building, so we organised a collection for any other old equipment that occupiers had to donate. This meant that not only could we help people to have a ‘Spring Clean’, but it meant that instead of being dumped in landfill, we had the ability to get the equipment disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

In total, we collected over 32 items!

When researching how to dispose of this equipment, we wanted to work with a green company, who works sustainability.

Who Are Green IT Disposal?

Green IT Disposal is a company who safely dispose of equipment, who minimise waste and offset their carbon footprint. They work with companies nationwide to collect equipment for free, disposing of it safely and securely, providing customers with full reports for peace of mind.

We are continually working to make Ballyhoo more sustainable for the planet, as well as helping local communities. If you’d like to work with a climate forward company, contact us now.

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