Sage Pay Test Credit Card Numbers

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This is a list of the SagePay test credit card numbers you can use to test transactions in SagePay Server test mode and SagePay Form test mode.

For all of our e-commerce website projects we always recommend SagePay as the payment gateway our customers should use. We have even integrated SagePay Server and SagePay Form with our e-commerce system Ballyhoo Commerce.

When we build a new e-commerce site, or we release a new version of our e-commerce system, we need to put through a test card transaction to ensure the payment process works seamlessly. We do this using the SagePay Test Server.

We’ve compiled the following list of SagePay test credit card numbers from the SagePay website. This is really for our own records as we use the SagePay credit card numbers frequently but feel free to use them yourself.

There are many different test credit card numbers available to use with the SagePay test server and at each stage you must ensure you enter the numbers and other details required correctly – failure to do so will return a Not Matched message.

SagePay Test Credit Cards

Card Type SagePay Card Name Card Number Issue Number
Visa VISA 4929000000006 n/a
Visa Delta (Debit) DELTA 4462000000000003 n/a
Visa Electron UK Debit UKE 4917300000000008 n/a
Mastercard MC 5404000000000001 n/a
UK Maestro MAESTRO 5641820000000005 n/a
International Maestro MAESTRO 300000000000000004 n/a
American Express AMEX 374200000000004 n/a
Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) JCB 3569990000000009 n/a
Diners Club DC 36000000000008 n/a
Laser Cards LASER 6304990000000000044 n/a
  • Expiry Date: any date in the future
  • CV2: 123
  • Billing Address: 88 (you only have to use this on the first line)
  • Billing Postcode: 412
  • 3D Secure Password: password

Please note that these Sage Pay test card numbers cannot be used on the live server, where a real debit or credit card must be used to put through a test transaction.

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