Server Migration – September 2015

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On Friday 11th of September at 23:00 (BST) our server is being moved from its current home in London to a new data centre in Crawley, Sussex. We expect the migration to be complete by Saturday 12th September at 07:00 (BST). During some of this 8 hour window your website will be unavailable, however, it should not be offline for the full period.

This migration is essential to allow us to continue to provide the reliable hosting service that we are so proud of. As a Ballyhoo hosting customer you will not have to do anything, we are working closely with our hosting provider (Rackspace) to ensure downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Please also rest assured that your data will remain secure at all times during this migration. The vehicles carrying our server will be loaded within the current data centre, and so will be subject to stringent security protocols, and will then be unloaded within the same conditions at the new data centre. The vehicles will be unmarked and locked with a special bolt by security personnel and they will also have GPS tracking to ensure their location is known at all times.

If you feel that this short downtime will impact your business please get in touch and we can discuss your concerns and consider ideas for minimising any disruption.

If you would like to learn more please visit Center Migration FAQ.

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