Website Hosting Services

Fast and secure website hosting, ensuring your website is visible to users 24/7

Website Hosting

Professional website hosting makes a difference to your site’s speed, responsiveness and user experience, and here at Ballyhoo we are proud to offer exceptional services to ensure your website stays discoverable and usable for your audience and customers.

Whether you’re looking for a new website, or want to migrate your existing website, we can help you with our reliable website hosting services.

Secure Hosting

Ballyhoo keeps your website fast, secure and available to your customers 24/7. We have developed a secure hosting environment on our own high-specification managed servers which are continually monitored and maintained.

Our server has a robust firewall, and server-level access is only granted  to authorised  users who must meet strict requirements.

Backup & Recovery

We have tools in place to monitor traffic and look for suspicious behaviour. Threats are dealt with promptly and you can rest assured that in the event of an attack or vulnerability we can easily restore your website to a previous state if needed. We also have point-in-time database backups so can restore data to any exact moment from the past 2 weeks, minimising the impact of restoring from backups. We carry out daily differential website backups, have 24-hour server monitoring and keep full backups for a two-week retention period.

Server Maintenance

We use an uptime and usage monitoring system, allowing us to be notified of any issues, to ensure that anyone accessing your website experiences a smooth user journey with no hiccups or lag and that websites suffer minimal downtime in the event of an issue.

Our servers are regularly updated to the latest versions of available hardware and software and maintained to ensure that they stay fast and secure.

Certified Sustainable Hosting

Our hosting is certified Green, meaning our clients benefit from websites that run on renewable energy. Our hosting infrastructure has produced 0.0 MTCO2e carbon emissions since 2020.

Our accreditation on the Green Web Directory requires us to provide evidence of our carbon emissions (or lack thereof), and  to continue to demonstrate that Ballyhoo’s servers run on renewables to retain our accreditation.

UK Servers

Our servers are based right here in the UK. All of the websites that we manage and create are located on these servers, meaning that they adhere to UK legislation and data protection and are safe, secure, and promote quick website load speeds.

Want to move your website to Ballyhoo’s secure servers, or interested in our web design services? Contact us today to see how we can help.