Targeted Advertising Services

Creating tailored ads to reach your target audience and increase conversions.

Targeted advertising is a way to present consumers with online adverts that reflect their specific needs, interests and behaviour, by segmenting audiences using customer data. These segments can include demographics, geological location, browsing habits and shopping behaviour, and creating adverts tailored to each audience segment.

Reaching Your Target Market

Targeting advertising allows you to reach your target audience on the devices and platforms that they use, serving personalised content to increase engagement, resulting in less wasted impressions and better return on investment.

Delivering Personalised Ads

Creating personalised ads is shown to increase customer acquisition, retention and click-through rate, as well as increasing customer lifetime value, resulting in a loyal audience. Using targeted ads in your marketing strategy allows you to send different messaging to different users, based on the information collected from customer data.

Establishing Brand Awareness

Serving ads to your target audience is a great way to get your brand name out there, attracting potential customers, boosting recognition and establishing strong brand equity within your industry.

Google Ads Partner

Although organic marketing is great, it can take months to reach the top of search engine results in this way. However, PPC campaigns allow you to have immediate measurable results.

As certified Google Partners, we can set up, manage and monitor your Google Ads campaigns, creating a targeting strategy, carrying out keyword research and managing creative development to optimise your ads. We provide transparent reporting, to see where spend goes and the return on your investment.

Whether you have existing PPC campaigns that are not performing well, or don’t know where to start with paid marketing, we are here to help. We’ve managed paid campaigns for global companies in a variety of industries, and our experience in paid marketing allows us to maximise your profits and create a loyal customer base.

Reach your target audience using paid marketing campaigns with the help of our expert content writers and advertising specialists. Contact our team now to chat about your requirements and find out how we can help your business grow online.

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