Website Policies

Policies to keep your website compliant, helping you to build trust with customers.

To accompany our website design & development services, we offer a service to provide website policies – allowing you to stay compliant with website best practices and privacy laws. 

Remain Compliant

We have partnered with to populate personalised website policies, allowing you to remain compliant with the law and protect your business. Having website policies can help your business to comply with legal requirements, protect user data, protect the business from liability, reassure customers and demonstrate transparency and trustworthiness to users.

Policies need to be tailored to your business, therefore we offer a range of policies for web, e-commerce, SaaS, blogs and apps, providing the following:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Cookie Policy
  • Acceptable Use Policy

This suite of website policies is personalised and built around the information you provide for the best results.

Working With You

We collaborate with you to ensure your policies reflect the activities of your business. In order to do this, we have a call with you to capture key data, such as who your data controller is and how long you keep private data for. This allows the GetTerms system to populate your policies, which are then sent to you for your approval and reference. Once signed off, we then upload the policies to your website.

Our clients have told us how easy this process is, and have been grateful for the assistance in getting their websites compliant with the law.

Are you missing policies from your website, or do your existing policies need updating? We strongly advise having all four policies uploaded to your site – and we can help. Contact our team now to chat about this package and to make sure your website is compliant.

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