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Ballyhoo Disaster Recovery Service

If your website has been hacked or experienced an outage or security breach, you can rely on Ballyhoo to help you get your website operating as soon as possible. We have the know-how to identify and resolve your issues, and, crucially, prevent them from happening again.

What is Disaster Recovery (DR)?

Disaster recovery is the process of eliminating threats and mitigating outcomes. Our website disaster recovery service allows you to get your website back up and running, should the worst happen.

Examples of website disasters include:

  • Malicious entities (hacking, trojan horses)
  • Human error
  • System glitches

If your website is hacked or unavailable, you should contact us as soon as possible. We will evaluate your issues, investigate to find a fix and get your website back up and running.

Depending on your circumstances we may recommend:

  • Restoring a ‘safe’ backup of the site while issues are resolved (if available)
  • Transferring your hosting and DNS
  • Updating your website platform and any critical plugins
  • Temporarily revoking third-party access via APIs and plugins

In a worst case scenario we will recommend taking your website down completely while fixes are implemented.

What are the impacts of a hacked website?

Should your website go down for a prolonged period of time, it can negatively affect your business [LINK TO WEBSITE SECURE BLOG POST] due to customers not being able to purchase online or get in contact with you.

In addition to short-term availability issues, website downtime can also negatively affect your reputation and customer trust, which can result in high costs for your business as you recover.

What’s more, if Google detects malware on your website, they may block you from being searchable and web browsers may display warning messages to would-be visitors. Only once a site is functioning again properly can we request that Google re-evaluates your site so it can rank again in search results.

Why choose Ballyhoo?

We’ve been developing secure, reliable websites for over a decade so we know what it takes to ensure sites are robust and protected from vulnerability. 

Our team has experience of many platforms, including WordPress, and we also develop our own custom plugins and systems. We manage many critical systems and e-commerce websites for our clients, who trust us to troubleshoot and maintain their critical business functions.

Ongoing Support

Once we have fixed your website and it is operating optimally again, we can provide ongoing support and security checks to ensure that a disaster does not reoccur. 

We recommend taking one of our support packages, which includes maintenance of your website to keep it up to date, and regular checks of themes, plugins and software. 

Our team can also take control of your hosting and domain assets, and implement tighter protocols. With a Ballyhoo secure hosting package customers benefit from having their entire website backed up every 24 hours. We can also restore a database backup to any point in time within the last 2 weeks.

We understand how important it is to have your website back up and running should the worst happen – our team is on hand to help and support you through this difficult time.

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