SSL Certificates No Longer Supporting Android 7.0

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From 8th February 2024, Let’s Encrypt certification is changing, and will no longer support Android 7.0.

What Does This Mean?

If your website is secured by Let’s Encrypt certificates, any customers using outdated operating systems such as Android 7.0 or earlier will receive a warning message and will be unable to access your website.

Android 7 and lower accounts for only 2.18% of Android users, which in itself accounts for 23.9% of all web users (as of December 2023, in the United Kingdom, according to StatCounter). However, if your website visitors largely use these devices, then you will want to take precautions before this date.


From Thursday 8th February, Let’s Encrypt are changing their chain of trust, which will ultimately prevent websites with a Let’s Encrypt SSL from opening on Android 7 devices. They’re changing their old certificate chain, as they now have their own root certificate.

Action Required

If you are a Ballyhoo hosting client, your website is encrypted with Let’s Encrypt. However, chances are, this will not affect you as most users now use newer devices. If you are unsure or think your customers fall into the category of using Android 7.0, please contact us now to talk through your options of switching to an alternative SSL certificate.

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